Take It To The Bridge They Said, We Did...Now, We Take It To The Bank... by Jim Thomas.

They said block the bridges, so we did, and it was massive. But there’s no pleasing the sunny day protestors, who protest from their arm chairs in their warm front room. 
We did it and it was magnificent.  Now it’s on to Bank Junction next week and a similar venue the week after. We will keep coming back daily till the CoL and TfL concede to our demands ‘Where Buses Go, Taxis Go’... a single, strong message. 
On the bridge, we gave out 18,000 leaflets to the public, and hours were spent explaining to people caught up in the protest. But the good news, 95% of the public and many of the cyclists are on side. 
One surprise was the friendly atmosphere around the CoL police, who were very accommodating, unlike their colleagues from the Met on the south side of the bridge, who again appeared aggressive. 
We have another message, this time to TfL, if you want to engage over these protests, don’t bother talking to Steve McNamara who doesn’t talk for us, the protestors on th…

More On The Lisson Grove Muggers From Tony Casey.

Four robbery suspects from Lisson Grove have been arrested by warrant, their homes spun over and stolen property has been found. They have been interviewed under caution at London Police stations and bailed with possible conditions not to travel in Taxis and possible night time curfew.The arresting officers files have now been sent to the Crown prosecution service for charging consideration.They hope to be arresting more suspects soon as the gang is at least now 20 in number.I would urge all cab drivers to report all incidents to the police as soon as possible, on line or in person at a police station... if you can find one open.The police neighbourhood team in church st market would especially like to hear from you.Sgt Scott Barden Marshall and his staff are awaiting your calls.Tel No 0207 321 7959.Remember we cant let these robbers make this area a NO GO AREA.Tony Casey. 

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Day 5 Expected To Be Massive : State Of The Trade, By Tom Scullion : Plus Lisson Grove Arrests

As each day goes on more and more Taxi drivers are turning up to demonstrate against another ill conceived highway strategy to the detriment of the public and all Road users, most of us wonder why Tfl has agreed to even having a conversation about banning Taxis from any Street with any local council. 
I honestly think that London Taxis are the most efficient form of public transportation in the World. 
Think about all wheelchair accessible purposes build vehicles who have always used the most environmentally friendly vehicles available to us, just remember when Tfl started to insist on Euro 4,5,6 standards, the same Tfl that made us all fit retrofitted exhaust system until the latest technology or new cab comes to market, so the poor Cabbie has to decide to buy another Taxi just to comply with tfl’s green policy or Jack the job in!
BTW Tfl never once looked to the 120,000 mini cabs regarding their emissions so happy days for their drivers, I did hear, they are supposed to start to engage…

Day Four Where Buses Go, We Go Protests : Finally, A Word From Our a Largest Org.

Disgruntled LTDA members on London Bridge called for the resignation of their orgs general Secretary, at yesterday's action. In answer, the LTDA put out a tweet Wednesday evening, saying they will be meeting with the transport commissioner Mike 'on side Brown' on Monday. 
Let's not forget that it was Steve McNamara who called for the suspension of the demos at Bank Junction saying wait and see as Mike Brown was 'on side'. Unfortunately, he didn't say which side Mike Brown was actually on. The commissioner for TfL then wrote to the CoL saying he supported the exclusion of Taxis from the Bank Junction.  

When asked what their stance was on the current series of protests on London Bridge, they said: "Currently it’s a proposal, we are 100% committed to getting universal access to taxis. 
"The proposal is in direct conflict with MTS. 
"Meeting Transport Commissioner on Mon, this is item 1 on agenda!  Meeting Heidi soon, same agenda-if this fails then dem…

LTDA Members On The Bridge Calling Out “Where’s Steve Mc” ... WBGTG Protest Day Three

LTDA members protesting on London Bridge and Tooley Street today, were calling for the resignation of Steve McNamara en masse.
The members are saying that McNamara is no longer representing the best interests of the membership. 
20 or so driver/members who have recently tried to effect change have been expelled. 
With such an important issue affecting the trade, the main questions on the bridge today were:  Why are the LTDA sitting back and letting these Road exclusions happen?
Why have the COM not supported the call for direct action?
Day three at London Bridge has been another huge success, it’s just sad that our largest org with an alleged 10,000 members doesn’t want to know and could be bothered to get involved.
 Sad to see cabs actually driving past their demoing colleagues who are fighting for their right to use all raids buses can use.
One protestor told Lo…

Statement From United Trade Action Group (UTAG)

UTAG are very pleased to announce that Ascotts, Cabvision, Curb (formerly Verifone) and Taxiworld have all agreed to contact their customer bases, informing them of the UTAG legal action. 
Over the coming week, these suppliers will send a combined total of 30,000 emails and texts. 
UTAG would like to take thsi opportunity to thank these key suppliers for agreeing to contact their customers on our behalf, as it is essential that every driver is aware of the intended legal actions."
If you would like to donate, please click on the link below

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Where Buses Go, We Go. Day Two : Protest Unnecessary Say TfL

Day two, another successful protest with nothing crossing the bridge for three hours.
The Tooley Street consultation wasn’t due out till early next year, but worried about the reaction from the more militant driver led orgs, TfL bought the consultation forward, believing Taxi driver wouldn’t protest so close to Christmas. Apparently, they were caught on the hop and are now screaming that the chaos around London Bridge is unnecessary. 
Ben Plowden, TfL's director of strategy and network development, said in a statement: "A consultation is currently underway on changes to Tooley Street to improve conditions for people walking and cycling, or traveling by public transport."The best way for people to let us know what they think about these proposals is to respond to the consultation, so this type of protest is unnecessary".That’s not true. The trouble is that TfL take no notice of consultations that don’t go their way. We’ve seen time and time again TfL ignore the results…

"If You Don't Like It Take Us To Court"! Let Make Helen Chapman Rue Those Words

Hi Ladies & Gents, I hope you are all well and keeping your heads above water. It's not getting any easier is it! I must tell you about some developments in the Taxi trade that could well be a game changer. As we've all watched year after year the entity that is Transport for London dismantling our trade, and all our cries simply falling on deaf ears, LTPH boss Helen Chapman once arrogantly told us "If you don't like it take us to court"! 
Well here it is folks... Full on legal action! The United Trade Action Group (UTAG) have done the talking and now they're doing the walking. They have started the ball rolling with this legal action and it is now up to us to support it. This action comes in a 3 pronged approach... 1. To Judicially Review the decision of Westminster Magistrates to grant a license to Uber on the basis of conflict of interest and flawed reasoning. 2. To hold Transport for London to account under multiple causes of action including its failu…

Where Buses Go, We Go...Day 1, Huge Success. Same Time Same Place Today.

The first day of action in thisfirstseries of five, got off to a great start being well attended, better than expected. 

The protest kicked off on the stroke of 4pm. The bridge, which comes under the City of London Police (who were great, and seemed very supportive) quickly filled up and the whole area came to a complete halt. 
The irony of the situation was exposed when the CoL decided to open up access to all vehicles at the bank Junction, to try and ease traffic flow which was gridlocked.

The CoL police inspector who appeared to be in charge, amazingly, said they had been caught by surprise as TfL told them the protest had been cancelled. 
There was a short sharp interaction with two Met motorcycle police officers, who for some reason became aggressive and were threatening to arrest drivers for obstruction. But the CoL inspector ordered the two to carry on riding and leave the situation to the City police. 

The public were handed excellent leaflets (designed by Sean Paul Day and supplie…

ITA Call Industrial Action - Where Buses Go....We Go - Day One.

To all the drivers who will be supporting the call for industrial action, starting tomorrow at 4pm on London BridgePlease remember:We are taking this action for one reason and one reason only! They are taking away our right of access to ply for hire and take passengers where they want to go. Recent exclusions are just the thin end of the wedge.
As part of London's public hire system along with buses, we must be given a right of access to every street that buses have access to.  Every bus lane that buses use, we must be able to use.
The strap line to this action is: Where Buses Go....We Go. 
Also, remember..... If you see a uniformed police officer coming towards your vehicle, close the window...refuse to accept any form of documentation. Also, if asked, do not sign anything.

If you see any TfL staff taking notes/photos of vehicles/drivers on the action...this could in the form of public carriage officers (PCOs), bus inspectors and the like, try to take photo or video them and what they are…