TfLTPH COs Overstepping Their Authority Again. Part 2

After my post earlier this week, I contacted TfLTPH Twitter account and asked them to order their CO's not to harass and bully drivers using authorised hand held units. 
I asked them to show me any cab order or compliance regulation that states openly and clearly, drivers can only use rear fixed units. 

They came back with a link to the London Cab Order 2016 which only states Taxi drivers are required to accept card payments as a condition of their licence. We agree with this.

We then asked them to give us a link to any regulation that states only rear fixed units. They answered with a link to TfL web page. 

After reading everything on the TfL website concerning CC units, we now believe that this regulation doesn't exist.
Adding a comment to a Twitter account is not legislation or regulation, it is just a comment from an account operator. The statement that handheld payment devices do not meet licensing requirements and are regarded as unapproved devices, has no legal standing in r…

Piracy By The Mayor Of London : ILLEGAL Eviction Of Gallions Point Marina Ltd

We've posted this story as Leigh Miller is a big supporter of the London Taxi Trade. What if we told you that Sadiq Khan, the elected Mayor Of London, has been willfully abusing his power in public office by illegally evicting a legitimate company from its premises, illegally taking over its businesses, administration office, plant machinery and equipment, and hijacking a marina and boatyard, only to hand it all over to the Royal Docks Management Authority (RoDMA), one of his Mayoral/GLA-funded companies – stealing all the company’s contracted clients in the process?
You’d naturally assume that this is a made up story, right? As a matter of fact, this actually happened at 10.49am on 9 October 2018 to a family run business in East London: Gallions Point Marina Ltd, when the GLA, controlled by the Mayor Of London, ordered an eviction without giving any notice. Four High Court bailiffs, 20 private security guards and four security dog unit vans brutally and forcefully evicted two femal…

Taxi Licence Renewals ... TfL Libel For Loss Of Earnings After Drivers Lied To.

In some cities it takes just 4 minutes to become an Uber driver. In London, you can be up and running as an Uber driver in as little as four weeks. 
Yet Taxi drivers who have been working as licensed Hackney carriage drivers, many for over twenty/thirty years are waiting 4-6 months, just to get their licenses renewed. 
Many drivers have lost work, some up to 2-3 months after being told by TfLTPH that they can’t work until they are in possession of their new licence!
This is (of course) not true! The fact is that under the Transport Act 1985 section 17 subsection 7, your current licence continues to be valid until you receive your new licence.
Back in May 2014, I sent this email to Sir Peter Hendy who was then commissioner of TfL, the position of held by Mike Brown. 
Licence Renewals: Under current legislation, a Taxi or private hire driver has the right to carry on working while waiting for a renewal for as long as it takes, unless he is informed that his licence application has been unsucce…
A long-running case over the status of Uber drivers will be heard in the Court of Appeal on Tuesday and Wednesday.The taxi-hailing app is contesting an employment tribunal finding that drivers should be treated as workers rather than self-employed.If classified as workers, Uber drivers are entitled to paid holiday and the minimum wage. Unions calculate this could be worth £18,000 per driver.Uber said the tribunal "fundamentally misunderstood" how it operated. It is the latest stage in a legal battle led by two Uber drivers James Farrar and Yaseen Aslam, who won an employment tribunal in October 2016.After the tribunal ruling in October 2016, Uber appealed to the employment tribunal, but lost in November 2017. The tribunal upheld its original decision that any Uber driver who had the Uber app switched on was working for the company under a "worker" contract.Uber is now taking the case to the Court of Appeal, the next stage of the appeal process before the Supreme Co…

Exclusive : The FIX 2.... The LTDA AGM, You Decide ? ..... by LondonTaxiRadio.

The LTDA’s 2018 AGM. 

After suffering a landslide defeat at the 2017 branch elections, what could the association do to ensure another 2 outsiders don’t become eligible for elections to the COM in 2020? 
Surely they wouldn’t be reduced to staging another debacle like the one at Harlesden? 
Or perhaps something worse, like an engineered series of events that’d lead to the branches - and subsequent election- being cancelled? 
You decide

from Taxi Leaks
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Private Hire Licenses Are Being Issued To Convicted Criminals In Secret Council Meetings

Private Hire licences, are being issued behind closed doors to drivers convicted of offences including child sex crimes and reckless driving, the Local Democracy Reporting Service has revealed.The findings follow a government report that claims current taxi and private hire laws are "not fit for the modern world".According to the report, rules need tightening on everything from CCTV use in taxis to criminal record checks.In London last year, it was revealed that private hire drivers had submitted 13,000 fake DBS criminal record check certificates. 
Some existing laws date back to 1847.In most areas licences for taxis and private hire vehicles - or minicabs - are issued by unitary, borough or district councils. In London the system is managed by Transport for London.In recent weeks, Local Democracy Reporters have reported that: A Private Hire driver in Sandwellwas allowed to keep working, despite a criminal conviction for sexually assaulting a child. The case was heard in priv…

Statement from London Assembly on TfL’s finances, "Woefully Inadequate"....Again.

In response to the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling MP’s comments that Transport for London (TfL) is suffering “deep financial difficulties”, Gareth Bacon AM, Chairman of the London Assembly Budget and Performance Committee said:“The London Assembly holds the Mayor and the organisations he runs to account. The biggest of those organisation is TfL and we take our role very seriously.“The comments from the Transport Secretary are not dissimilar to what we have been saying for the past year.“TFL is certainly in some severe financial trouble. A number of factors have contributed to this situation and we continue to investigate those factors and the implications for Londoners.TfL is facing a £700 million annual cut in Government fundingThe Mayor’s fares freeze will cost TfL £640 million over four years [1]Crossrail has been delayed and a later opening date is expected to cost TfL hundreds of millions in lost revenue.“It’s clear that the primary cause of TfL's woes is th…

Uber drivers ‘£18,000 poorer’ as firm appeals two-year-old tribunal order

GMB union says 40,000 drivers are worse off through missing holiday and sick pay, despite a court ruling in 2016 Uber drivers are estimated to be more than £18,000 out of pocket because the ride hailing company refuses to recognise a two-year-old ruling entitling them to holiday pay, a minimum wage and rest breaks.The law firm Leigh Day – acting for the GMB union, which brought the action against the tech giant – calculates that its 40,000 drivers are all owed almost £11,000 in wages and more than £8,000 in holiday pay. But Uber is continuing to appeal the ruling, made two years ago at the central London employment tribunal.“These figures lay bare the human cost of Uber continuing to refuse to accept the ruling,” said GMB legal director Sue Harris. “While the company is wasting money losing appeal after appeal, drivers are up to £18,000 out of pocket. That’s thousands of drivers struggling to pay their rent, or feed their families. It’s time Uber admits defeat and pays up. The company …

Exclusive : TfLTPH COs Overstepping Their Authority Again. Demanding Passengers Only Use Rear CC Machines

It’s been bought to our attention that TfLTPH COs are overstepping their authority again this morning. The TfLTPH staff are loitering at the drop off point at Kings Cross Station. They approach drivers seen making credit card transactions using a hand held unit. The COs then inform the driver that they can’t use the hand held unit (a false statement) and must use the one fitted in the rear (again false). They then expand on this by telling the driver if they continue with the transaction, they will be reported. This is in fact not true. There are no regulations or laws saying you can’t offer the passenger a choice of payment options. 
Conflict of financial interest?
It appears as if the COs are acting as agents on behalf of certain Transport for London board member who has a financial interest in certain Credit Card facilities and transaction companies, such as WorldPay. Surely not !!!      Screen shot from TfL website 
If a customer wants to pay by Green Shield stamps, or with a live chi…

Look What Else Is In Store For Us.... Roll Over, Roll Over...

If you walk through the City of London at 08:30 in the morning, you can't fail to notice just how packed the pavements are.Going against the tide of people is extremely difficult in an environment that is just not designed for walking.That could be about to change.Next week, the local authority will take another step towards a bold, radical plan to change the streets in the Square Mile over the next 25 years.Some streets could be closed to motor vehicles during rush hour and there could be zero emission zones.There will also be a 15mph speed limit across the district.The local authority wants to cut the number of vehicles by a quarter by 2025.The issue of pedestrianisation raises the question again of who cities are for and who should benefit from them.And any change in road space is contentious and highly charged.The City's local authority carried out a public consultation and discovered some stark facts.Cycling CEOs drive out chauffeursIt found 98% of people travel to the ar…