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Uber, Lyft and their like are the least of our worries at the moment

Uber, Lyft and their like are the least of our worries at the moment. We now have apps coming along that are allowing Hackney Carriage drivers from outside London to pick up on their platform. They say this is legal as TfL class all app jobs as ore bookings. How has this been allowed to happen ???Firstly our largest org, the only one that TfL is willing to listen to, is asleep on this type of issue in case it interferes with their advertising revenue Secondly, to all the drivers who thought Chris Johnson’s campaign wasn’t worth supporting... it’s your fault that this is happening. And it’s not over yet, it’s about to get so much worse.You may be doing alright on your app work, but you will soon be competing with Taxi drivers from all over the Home Counties.The power to stop this happening is in your hands....the orgs aren't going to do it for you, so that just leaves you!
Out of the many thousands of drivers currently on a Taxi type app in c…


WHEN DARA MET CHRIS Dara Khosrowshahi met with Chris Grayling of #DfT.Dara said he'd accept the Congestion Charge, but refused to allow a cap on minicab numbers.He also told Grayling about the new Uber Pool Express minibuses which can use bus lanes!REMEMBER THIS WARNING?...Look at the date!
So those of you who agreed with Macca to 'do nothing' and 'wait and see', how do you feel now?Want to go through Bank Junction? Up Tottenham Court Road? Along Tooley Street? You can't!Only buses, cycles and Uber Pool Express!Feel betrayed?It looks like the TfL and DfT plan could be:WHERE BUSES GO, UBER GO, BUT NOT TAXIS. HOW LONG DO YOU THINK THIS INTEGRATION INTO TFL'S TRANSPORT SYSTEM FOR UBER, AND EXPULSION FROM TFL'S TRANSPORT SYSTEM OF TAXIS, HAS BEEN PLANNED?HAS THE PENNY DROPPED YET?ARE THE ITA STILL WRONG TO PROTEST OVER TAXIS EXPULSION FROM LONDON ROADS?FIGHT OR DIE!

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Uber Looking To Integrate London Bus And Tube Data Into Its App

Uber looking to integrate London bus and Tube data into its app after Dara’s visit with on-side Mike!Uber has spoken with London’s transport authority about "deepening" their relationship, as the ride-hailing app seeks to strike partnerships with public transportation providersThis from the FT:Uber has spoken with London’s transport authority about "deepening" their relationship, as the ride-hailing app seeks to strike partnerships with public transportation providers.The company is attempting to integrate Transport for London’s data about bus and Tube timetables into its app, according to people familiar with the matter, in a move that would put it into direct competition with venture capital-backed start-up Citymapper.Although TfL has a publicly available interface for accessing the data, Uber is seeking to build services on top of that, such as live updates. Three people said Uber had a long-term ambition to build a full journey planner and accept payments on be…

BREAKING NEWS : Confirmed At Yesterday’s TOPS Meeting First ZEC Only Rank Coming Early New Year

It is now official......and in the concept of the term 'dived and conquer', TfL are to use the new LEVC TXe to split the trade further, (with a little help from their on-side friend).
While 'Project Horizon' looked to destroy the two tier system, integrating both services of the Taxi and private hire trades into one, it now appears that TfL have suddenly swerved 180° and are now bent on introducing a new tier into the Taxi trade itself, to divide the drivers even further. 
At an all trade TOPS meeting yesterday, it was announced by TfL, that there are to be certain rewards for "Green Pioneers" who have made the investment in LEVC's TXe.  This will come in the shape of eTaxi only ranks and bus lanes, with unique access to certain areas around central London and parts of the CoL. 

After recent events, followed by damaging emails and statements from a major trade representative org, TfL totally believe that now is the right time to unveil these measures as there…

High Court Quashes Wakefield Taxi Fees

Uber Has Confidentially Filed To Go Public In 2019.

* Uber has confidentially filed paperwork to hold its long-awaited IPO next year, reports the Wall Street Journal.* This comes a day after word got out that Lyft, the company's perennial rival in car-hailing services, made its own IPO filing.* Uber was last privately valued at $76 billion, and the Journal reports that it could go public with a market cap of $120 billion.Uber has confidentially filed an S-1 document in preparation to hold its long-awaited IPO, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.Uber has previously been valued privately at as much as $76 billion, and its advisers reportedly say it may go public with a market cap of as much as $120 billion. According to the Journal, Uber might go public "as soon as the first quarter." Internally, Uber is referring to the IPO planning process as "Project Liberty."A spokesperson for Uber declined to comment.The report comes one day after Uber's arch-rival, Lyft, announced that it had filed its in…

The right of Brighton and Hove to decide its own taxi regulations is being "undermined" by Uber ..... Brighton & Hove News

The right of Brighton and Hove to decide its own taxi regulations is being "undermined" by Uber ..... Brighton & Hove News"Right To Roam" Philip Kolvin QC"The right of Brighton and Hove to decide its own taxi regulations is being "undermined" by Uber and its use of out of area cars, the city council argued as it defended its decision to suspend the controversial ride hailing app’s licence.Brighton and Hove City Council appealed to district judge Tessa Szagun’s sympathy for localism over the so-called "right to roam" which allows cars licensed in other areas to operate within the city.But Uber fought back, saying there was not a "scrap of evidence" that out of area taxi drivers had been "rampaging into Brighton" and causing harm to passengers, and pointing out the only complaints had been made by local taxi com…


You really couldn’t make it up...TfL telling independent traders how they can and can not conduct their businesses.Today has seen outages on the O2 network, the O2 website has the following Service Status inormation.The network issue we are currently experiencing remains a top priority for us and we are working as quickly as possible to fix the issues.All O2 technical teams are working closely with one of our third party suppliers who has identified a global software issue in their system which has impacted data services. We believe other mobile operators around the world are also affected.We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience. Normally a mobile telephone network outage would not affect a Taxi drivers daily life, but since October 2016 London Taxis have been compelled to accept card payments.A lot of these card payment systems use the O2 network for their data connections, so an outage affects taxi drivers being able to accept card payments.After a number of tweets from …


After announcing plans to add electric scooters to their portfolio a month ago, MyTaxi revealed the location of their pilot as Lisbon. 
Customers in the Portuguese capital can rent a scooter from a fleet of hundreds. For Daimler, this may open a whole new venture labelled Hive and is in competition to its current Taxi services. For now they run the kick scooters under a new label, Hive, and Daimler embedded the service in a dedicated app of the same name. Yet Mytaxi CEO Eckart Diepenhorst told German media that this model will either kick-start a new service via Hive or else they may integrate it into the existing MyTaxi ride-hailing offer.The pilot is new territory for Daimler and the CEO confirmed as much. While they use electric scooters made by Segway in Lisbon, Diepenhorst stressed that it would be "crucial to develop our own hardware" especially when moving into regions with more adverse weather conditions.Indeed Hive may expand as early as next year depending on the ma…

The Battle of Tooley St - Sean Paul Day's victory speech at Bank Junction.

Enjoy this morning my merry brothers 🔵
By Jove, I am not covetous for gold Nor care I who doth feed upon my cost... It yearns me not if men my garments wear Such outward things dwell not in my desires.
But if it be a sin to covet honour, I am the most offending soul alive.
We few, we happy few.... we band of brothers 
The drivers who worked and now a-bed Shall think themselves accursed they were not here
They hold their manhoods cheap while any speaks that fought with us upon Bank Junction day.

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Exclusive : St Pancras Station Improvement Works, Lost In Translation.

The LCDC's ranks and highways officer Alan McGrady had a 45 minute phone conversation today with the chief officer in charge of the changes currently underway at St Pancras Station. 
The officer assured Alan that other than the removal of the bypass access road to the taxi rank (which is to be given over to become a two way cycle lane) there are no other plans to make further changes to our rank. 
He explained that a problem seems to have arisen because of a difference of meaning to the term Taxi Rank. When the trade refers to the term 'Taxi Rank', it means the marked space outside the Midland Road doors where Taxis rank up plying for hire. But to the station planners, 'Taxi Rank' refers to the area inside the station where passengers wait to access Taxis waiting outside at (in he's words) the Taxi pick up point. 
He went on to explain the email posted on social media: The email stated, 'the under utilised Taxi rank area'...meaning the area inside the stati…


The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission voted on Tuesday to set a minimum pay rate for drivers who work for app-based companies like Uber and Lyft.This new rule will go into effect in 20 days, and it will require drivers to be paid at least $27.86 an hour, which translates to $17.22 after expenses. According to a study from TLC, most drivers currently earn around $11.90 an hour. This change increases the yearly earnings of drivers by $9,000.The New York Taxi Workers Alliance (NYTWA) applauded the change, citing years of activism in hopes of achieving an increase like this. “It’s the first real attempt anywhere to stop app driver pay cuts, which is an Uber and Lyft business practice at the heart of poverty wages,” the NYTWA said.In a statement, Uber said the new rule would likely lead to fare hikes for users of the ride-hailing service. Uber “supports efforts to ensure that full-time drivers in NYC — whether driving with taxi, limo or Uber — are able to make a living wage, with…

Uber Stapped Fir Cash Is Heading for a Crash

By steamrolling local taxi operations in cities all over the world and cultivating cheerleaders in the business press and among Silicon Valley libertarians, Uber has managed to create an image of inevitability and invincibility. But the company just posted another quarter of jaw-dropping losses — this time over $1 billion, after $4.5 billion of losses in 2017. How much is hype and how much is real?
The notion that Uber, the most highly valued private company in the world, is a textbook “bezzle” — John Kenneth Galbraith’s coinage for an investment swindle where the losses have yet to be recognized — is likely to come as a surprise to its many satisfied customers. But as we’ll explain, relying on the extensive work of transportation expert Hubert Horan, Uber’s investors have been buying your satisfaction in the form of massive subsidies of services. What has made Uber a good deal for users makes it a lousy investment proposition. Uber has kept that recognition at bay via minimal and inco…

Latest Score From The Where Buses Go We Go Demo... Taxi Trade 1 TfL 0. 

It’s just been announce on London Taxi Radio that after today’s meeting with Mike Brown, the trade has learned that we are to be included in the Tooley Street, Duke Street Hill Bus lane initiative. 
At the meeting were Grant Davis (LCDC) and Andy Nichols (RMT) who have left Mike Brown in no doubt that this isn’t the end of our action but the beginning of our fight to reclaim all the streets, bus lanes, no right and no left turns. He was told in no uncertain terms that, as part of Public Hire and under the terms of the Hackney Carriage acts where Buses Go, We Go. The announcement was made at the conclusion of today’s action at the Bank Junction by Sean Paul Day, who received a massive cheer and was lifted up shoulder high by the jubilant drivers. There is just one request and that’s for every driver and their family and friends to make sure you fill in every consultation that concerns/affects the trade. This will come as a shock to all the knockers who said ‘Demos don’t work’.... truth…

Day 7 : Who Said Protests Don't Work...Stick It Out People. by I'm Spartacus

Emmanuel Macron has signalled for France's Prime Minister to suspended the fuel duty rises that have sparked widespread protests and unrest across the country. 
The French p.m. Edwardos Philippe is to announce a suspension of the fuel tax hikes on Tuesday, the AFP news agency reports.
Mister Philippe is to meet with the groups who organised the protests today. 

Reason being....the yellow vests! Le Maillot Jaune!

Shops in Paris took 20% of the normal takings, 3 weeks from Christmas. Restaurants were empty because of the protesters on the streets...
They all got together and got onto the Mayor of Paris, and the Mayor of Paris got onto the president saying how businesses can't stand this, we can't stand this...
So ladies and gentlemen who are out in the city between the hours of 4pm and 7pm :
The message is clear, the message is simple...think about whats happened in Paris...think about the big chain stores, think about the Primarks, think about the restaurants and all these type of…

Uber Driver Still Working After Being Reported For Alleged Machete Attack, Caught On DashCam

Absolutely disgusting... MINICABS have descended to a Lawless level not seen since pre-licensing years. Courtesy of UBER, MINICABS HAVE NEVER BEEN SO DANGEROUS 
The Uber drivers of the car pictured below, was eventually caught carrying a machete. He was driving an untaxed Uber car which also had no mot. Knowsley Council must be so proud of who they’ve gifted Private Hire operator’s and driver licenses to. The driver was eventually captured after he had threatened a Liverpool Hackney carriage Taxi driver with the machete. 
Joe ODwyer, a Liverpool Hackney Carriage Taxi Driver said on twitter last night:“ Thing is, this Driver is still out there working! I can confirm this, as I saw him at dinnertime on Allerton Road so still driving/working. “I’m pretty sure if i was stopped by the police and was found to have a knife in my cab, my license would be revoked immediately. So wtf is going on with this company?”

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Ex-Uber Security Employees Allege ‘Deeply Troubling’ Practices

Four former employees on Uber Technologies Inc.’s security team are claiming in court that the company is trying to block them from disclosing "a number of deeply troubling practices at Uber that have not been publicly revealed."
The ex-employees didn’t substantiate their claim in a filing Friday in state court in San Francisco. They were responding to last week’s complaint by the ride-hailing giant accusing them of improperly taking confidential records when they left the company and using the information to draft their own lawsuit against Uber.The four -- Mat Henley, Nicholas Gicinto, Edward Russo and Jacob Nocon -- said in the filing that they have evidence of "potentially criminal initiatives against competitors, secret capabilities embedded in Uber’s smartphone applications, and offensive intrusions into the privacy of users.""We don’t object to these former employees making any claims they wish," Uber spokesman Matt Kallman said in an emailed stateme…

There Are Lies, Damn lies, And TfL Accident Statistics ... BankJunction 4-7pm All Week.

After the success of the week long protest in London Bridge, the ever growing ranks of the Proactive ITA move northwards to the Bank Junction itself.
We now know that the same tactic have been used at Tooley Street that resulted in a ban from the Bank Junction. But we now have the proof that there have been no accidents at the junction of London Bridge and Tooley Street, involving vehicles other than Cycles and Motorcycles.
TfL don't own the roads, we do. They just (mis)manage them.
When massive upheavals like CSH's, Torrington Place, Judd Street, Tottenham Court Road, Bank Junction, Tooley Street, etc are proposed, the consultations should go out to London Rate Payers only, and not cycle clubs in Devon and Cornwall.
The lose of bus lane access is one of the biggest threats to the trade ever. We are hearing that certain PH companies are intent of providing minibus pool services which could use bus lanes in the same fashion as tour buses and coaches.
This is a f…

Take It To The Bridge They Said, We Did...Now, We Take It To The Bank... by Jim Thomas.

They said block the bridges, so we did, and it was massive. But there’s no pleasing the sunny day protestors, who protest from their arm chairs in their warm front room. 
We did it and it was magnificent.  Now it’s on to Bank Junction next week and a similar venue the week after. We will keep coming back daily till the CoL and TfL concede to our demands ‘Where Buses Go, Taxis Go’... a single, strong message. 
On the bridge, we gave out 18,000 leaflets to the public, and hours were spent explaining to people caught up in the protest. But the good news, 95% of the public and many of the cyclists are on side. 
One surprise was the friendly atmosphere around the CoL police, who were very accommodating, unlike their colleagues from the Met on the south side of the bridge, who again appeared aggressive. 
We have another message, this time to TfL, if you want to engage over these protests, don’t bother talking to Steve McNamara who doesn’t talk for us, the protestors on th…

More On The Lisson Grove Muggers From Tony Casey.

Four robbery suspects from Lisson Grove have been arrested by warrant, their homes spun over and stolen property has been found. They have been interviewed under caution at London Police stations and bailed with possible conditions not to travel in Taxis and possible night time curfew.The arresting officers files have now been sent to the Crown prosecution service for charging consideration.They hope to be arresting more suspects soon as the gang is at least now 20 in number.I would urge all cab drivers to report all incidents to the police as soon as possible, on line or in person at a police station... if you can find one open.The police neighbourhood team in church st market would especially like to hear from you.Sgt Scott Barden Marshall and his staff are awaiting your calls.Tel No 0207 321 7959.Remember we cant let these robbers make this area a NO GO AREA.Tony Casey. 

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