Khan's Zombie Pollution Statistics Exposed....Part Two....By Green Badge John.

It has always been well known TFL's dodgy taxi emission statistics were a product of fantasy reliant on a philosopy of technology running too slow for those who desire it most..... Them.

So making up disparaging and unsustainable accusations against an easy target namely taxis for polution or emission levels and ignoring the hundereds of thousands of other vehicles that use Londons roads daily is completely scandelous and proves how corrupt and low the highly paid officials of TFL will go to win a point of argument using us as an Iconic publisised vehicle whilst at the same time attempting to illiminate us from the road completely on economics and tecnology which are like siamese twins.

Politics within the TFL mass transportation system has been outed since Uber fell into favour with TFL and remembering TFl is not supposed to be apolitical as it is overall governed by the Mayor and the Greater London Authority, if the dodgy emission dossier statisctics were provided by senior officials of TFL in an attempt to convince the political overlords or mayor to make impacting decisions. This should be publically shown and once proven wrong TFL senior employees responsible should be fired and dragged over the legal coals for corruption which is clearly what this is looking like as time goes by.

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