GLA Councillor David Kurten Exposes Sadiq Khan's Statistics As Guesstimates

At a Mayors Question time on the 17th of January, London Mayor Sadiq Khan told GLA Councillor David Kurten that  taxis produce 20% of NOx in Central London today and will produce 30% of NOx by 2020, when questioned about the validity of the statistic he said why should I ignore the science from my experts.....

But in a written answer to Cllr Kurten, Mayor Khan has now admitted the statistics are no more than ESTIMATES - i.e. figures not based on any measurements but plucked out of thin air.

But as these estimated statistics are now flying around the media as facts and being used to damage the London Taxi trade, why have our largest org, the ones who allegedly have secret meetings with the mayor and TfL commissioner Mike Brown not said anything about these lies ???
Why have none of our smaller orgs or three Unions said anything about these lies ???

Every Taxi follows TfL mandated guidelines over emissions, each vehicle having two MOTs and a TFL inspection every year.
The Mayor is using zombie statistic to push through his future Transport Strategy for London which could spell the end as we know it for our 365 year old tradition of plying for hire on the streets of the capital. 

Below the question asked of the Mayor by Cllr Kurten of the Brexit Alliance Group at the MQT on 17th January 2019
Asked Of: 
The Mayor
In a press release on 19th December 2018, TfL stated that ‘taxis are currently responsible for 20% of harmful NOx emissions and by 2020 they will be the biggest source of transport pollution in CENTRAL LONDON.’ What is their source for this statement

Answered By: 
The Mayor
Tuesday, 22nd January 2019
As outlined in the answer to Mayor's Question 2019/0219, the relative contribution to total road transport emissions of each vehicle type is 'estimated' using information on the composition of the vehicle fleet, the annual distances covered, emissions factors for that class of vehicle and information on the road links on the London network. 
(In other's all guess work)

Mayors answer cont:
The results of this work are published in the outputs from the London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory.
The contribution to total NOx emissions from taxis in Central London by 2020 is 'estimated' at around 30 per cent, making them the largest single contributor to NOx concentrations in that area.

How is the Mayor being allowed by our orgs and unions to get away with these lies which could damage our future, considering he has offered no scientific proof???

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