🔵 Drivers, On The Front Line, Fighting For The Survival Of Our Trade 🔵

1pm Friday, thousands of militant Taxi drivers headed for Parliament Square. 

Police diverted all traffic from the area but allowed Taxis to enter the protest. 

The Squar soon filled and all approach roads were full of Taxis. Westminster Bridge, Millbank, Victoria Street, Birdcage Walk and Whitehall were stacked full with protesting taxis. 


Organisers worked along with the police, asking if emergency lanes could be left empty, as we did not want to be falsely accused of blocking access for ambulances of fire engines.

As traffic all other had been diverted, the police felt that the sides of the road leading away from the square (being empty) was sufficient for emergency vehicles to use. But the outside lane in the square itself, was kept empty for emergency use. 


Police worked with the protesters (unlike Wednesday when a couple of stroppy officers got aggressive) and the protests stayed put and ended peacefully at 4pm. 

The protests are gathering pace and growing in numbers every time. 
The trade has been given its p45 by the Mayor and TfL. Make no mistake, we are in the fight for our lives. 

These drivers are on the front line, fighting for the survival of our trade. 
If you worked.... while your colleagues fought for yours and your families livelihood...
then shame on you. 🔵

from Taxi Leaks http://bit.ly/2GhGvAz
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