Who Needs Enemies...With Friends Like These : News From The Front Line.... by Tony Casey

It appears the Taxi Trade has again been stabbed in the back by the enemy within.  

At the recent "all trade" meeting with TfL, both Steve McNamara (LTDA) and Jim Kelly (Unite) said nothing of substance against the proposed twelve year age-limit that both the Mayor and TfL want to introduce.

Not only limiting the vehicles life to 12 years, TfL are also proposing to ban the extra year you can currently get by replaying the vehicle a month early at 14 year 11 month. So they are actually taking four years off our current Taxi’s working Life, regardless of condition. 

The Taxi Garages owners have the opportunity to shout from the ROOFTOPS at their separate meeting with TFL which will be held shortly. 

With older cabs taken off the road, it is feared there will be a sharp rental increase, alleged to be in the region of 20% by one rental garage. 

Alex Moffat the head vehicle engineer back in 2015 allegedly said "there will be 5 new vehicles to choose from by 2018" but, we have just the ONE.

Alex has recently denied saying this when pressed and this is why we must insist that ALL future TfL meetings with the trade must me minuted, as it's been proved time and time again, this organisation cannot be trusted to keep their word. Unfortunately both Unite and the LTDA have voted against minuted meetings....you can make up your own mind as to why these two individuals wouldn't want their members knowing what is said at these meetings.


One thing we now have to work towards : Sadiq Kahn should not be giving the opportunity of a second term in public office. We will have to deploy the biggest anti Khan campaign London has ever seen in the run up to the next Mayoral election.

But let’s not forget he still has over a year left in power and that possibly is enough for him to decimate what remains of the London taxi trade, especially with his political allies and people with a financial conflict-of-interest’s backing him up all the way.

Below is the report that Khan and TfL are using to bring new measures in against the trade:


from Taxi Leaks http://bit.ly/2Fuh0f5
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