Where Buses Go, We Go : Tottenham Court Road Day One.

Taxis started to arrive just before 4pm. Most of the side streets leading into Tottenham Court Road (TCR) already had drivers waiting to join in. 

The road soon began to fill, but marshals from the ITA kept the right hand lane clear for emergency vehicles. 

Marshals were also advising the public not to enter TCR as they could be held up in the demo till 7pm. Almost all took evasive action. 

The Met Traffic police, on the whole, were very cooperative and helpful at first, but after a while (probably acting on orders from above) started to let a few buses and private vehicles into the free lane. 

It was explained to them that this was not the idea and if they persisted letting Buses and cars in, then all lanes would be blocked. Traffic was then diverted into Chenise Street and the outside lane was again reopened for emergency only vehicles. 

One good point, a representative from UCH came out and was taking photographs which showed access was being kept open for emergency vehicles and she wished us all the best of luck

A solitary police motorcyclist officer was seen fuming cabs but never issued any form of warning or directive to move. Probably just a scare tactic. Police officers must not make any form of surveillance without an order called a RIPA. 

Also, we believe a TfL representative was filming registrations and ID cards, but he ran off when challenged. 

The demo went well and was well attended the whole area was at a virtual stand still for 3 hours. 

Plans have been made for alternative venues should the police get difficult but it’s unlikely as the demo was extremely peaceful. 

Best of all, the public appeared to be in support as was the two bus drivers caught up in the jam. 

Back again tomorrow, same time same place. (Until further notice)


While directing traffic trying to enter TCR from New Oxford Street, I was amazed at drivers with jobs in that we’re expecting me to help them get out of the congestion. Not an option I’m afraid. 

Whilst there are going to be a few drivers who really don’t know what’s going on, every effort has been made to advise the trade of the demos (including times/venue etc), including posters in most trade eateries, leaflets, social media announcements and articles in trade papers.... Even the wait and see brigade have mention the demos in their emails to members. 

TfL traffic cams, before they switched them off ???



from Taxi Leaks http://bit.ly/2CANkca
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