TCR Shop Owners And Store Management In Talks Today With CamdenCouncil...The Fight Goes On

While the LTDA play the "Wait and See Game," ProactiveITA drivers took to the street.

What better way is there to raise revenue than to manufacture road network pollution hysteria by removing carriageways, re-phasing traffic lights, then imposing a TAX to make the public pay for the pollution that you have created... Genius.
Meanwhile down in the underground, the air is said to be up to 30 times more toxic than out on the street....but then, they can’t TAX themselves.
Shop owners and store management are in talks today with Camden Council over their Tottenham Court Road fiasco. (We will bring you updates as soon as we hear back)
Protestors have also recurved huge support from residents of Goodge St, Grafton Way, Tavistock Pl, Maple St, Bedford Sq...
Everyone, without exception, expressed how contemptuous Camden Council have been towards their concerns.
So, who’s to blame?
Look at leaflets below who do you see?
We can blame Camden Council and quite rightly so... but Camden are following Sadik Khan‘s transport strategy.
 If Camden refuse to follow the Mayors TS, they will lose funding.
Allegedly, this Bus Drivers son hates Taxis.
Whatever happened to "I’m going to be the renaissance of the London taxi trade, I don’t want them to go the same way as the red telephone box".
Like Uber’s 13,000 fake DBS certificates, all swept under the carpet no doubt.
Make no mistake, the Mayors Transport Strategy mirrors that of the government’s. Transport Secretary Grayling and the DFT promote walking, cycling, and buses.
Was it and oversight that they left the door-to-door wheelchair accessible system out of their equations?
Let’s not forget that we are also to blame... This trade should have had protection put in place 10 maybe 15 years ago.
But our trade orgs and unions were guilty of not looking forward. They were on fit for purpose and failed their members on a humongous scale.
There is no doubt about it, we’ve been let down
The LTDA are the largest trade org and have been for decades
Bob Oddy was a TfL board member for many years. Oddy’s laissez-faire with his position and responsibilities leaves him culpable for the shocking position we are in today. As does Steve McNamara’s apathy
Why do you think I minority group like the cycle lobby achieve so much?
Because they know what they’re doing.
When the DFT or TfL make changes, they look to the trade largest org and what do the largest org do….Apparently nothing, aided and abetted by their subscription paid members.... who like mushrooms have been kept in the dark.
The fight goes on today 4pm till 7, Tottenham Court Road.
If you care about your trade your job your there

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