TCR Protests week Two : Khan's Lies Must Be Exposed.

As Sadiq Khan, bleats on relentlessly about the poor air quality in London, he knows full well that diesel cars are not to blame for the low standard of air quality endured in our cities across the UK. 

 * Khan knows as fact, that hundreds of transient transatlantic flights are routed out of their way to fly low over London and other populated areas of the UK. 

 * He knows that diesel vehicles are cleaner now than ever before and that overall, traffic volume has not changed much since 2000, up only by 10%, 

 * He knows emission from ground traffic has dropped, as any increase in traffic has been more than offset by improvements in engine technology. 

 * He also knows the only other factor in the equation -aviation- is being deliberately excluded from the entire debate. 

 * Khan knows that his T-Charge is basically a tax on diesel drivers and an attack on the London Black Taxi trade. 

 * He knows the T-Charge will make no difference to the levels of pollution, as several studies have shown. 

 * He knows it will make no difference to people’s health or save any lives. 

 * He knows that the easiest way to improve air quality is to re-route transient aviation away from UK populated areas or away from UK airspace altogether.

He knows because he's been told him and supplied supporting evidence by email, by phone to both his mayoral Office and his parliamentary office. 

We know he got them because it's been checked...but guess what… not a single response to any of them. Not one single word. 

Therefore, are currently preparing a legal challenge in the form of a Judicial Review of his plans to charge people to drive into London as they feel Khan is deliberately ignoring the true cause, which will amount to an unnecessary tax on people who rely on their vehicles to live and work in London.

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Celebrity support for the Tottenham Court Road demos, has been followed by support from the House of Lords :

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