Taxi Trade Asks Sadiq And TfL, ‘Where’s The Missing £3m?’

Having allegedly misappropriated £22m of funding, supposedly ring-fenced and set aside for payments towards the decommissioning of diesel Licensed Taxis.....there appears to be another problem with the residual funding, as figures published do not add up to the expected renaming £18m. 

Let's look at the figures posted on TFL's Website :-

250 x £10,000...2,500,000

250 x £9,000. ...2,250,000

250 x £8,000. ...2,000,000

250 x £7,000. ...1,750,000

250 x £6,000. ...1,500,000

250 x £5,000. ...1,250,000

250 x £4,000. ...1,000,000

250 x £3,000. ...750,000

500 x £2,000. ...1,000,000

1000 x £1000. ...1,000,000

Total decommissioning allowance £15,m

So where's the missing  £3m. Who’s been doing Sadiq Khans Accounting... is it Dianne Abbott ?

That's another £3m on top of the £22m Khan has already taken off the Taxi Trade.

After all the grants are paid to drivers decommissioning their Taxi’s that no one in their right mind wants to buy, the figures published on TfL’s website show a missing deficit of £3,000,000. 

Is this a genuine mistake or is this Tax payers money that Khan intends to promote his Brexit campaign with ?

If so, surely this is illegal and should be reported immediately to the serious fraud office. 

from Taxi Leaks
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