Serious Impack Of A Ban On Black Taxis From Tottenham Court Road.

Letter From Daniel Howard, Campaign Director Stop CS11

• FOLLOWING this week’s black taxi demonstrations against Camden Council’s ill-thought-out plan to ban all vehicles (including licensed black taxis) from Tottenham Court Road from Monday to Saturday, 8am to 7pm, have the council considered the impact of significant amounts of displaced congestion and therefore increased pollution, on the surrounding residential roads?

Many people now have very serious concerns about the accountability and scrutiny of Camden’s highways management department given that the results from the public consultation showed almost 60 per cent of respondents were strongly opposed to their proposed plan to ban black taxis from Tottenham Court Road and we are calling for an immediate investigation into what is going on there.

Furthermore, many disabled and vulnerable road-users including members of the Royal National Institute for the Blind as well as hospital patients (some of whom will arrive in emergency ambulances) who need to access University College Hospital at the top of Tottenham Court Road have expressed their worries about how this scheme will impact on them.

We are calling on Camden Council to immediately halt this disproportionate, ill-considered and illogical scheme, to consult with all stakeholder groups including the emergency services, disabled road users and London’s Licensed Black Taxis and to undertake all the necessary legal considerations. Only then will Londoners have faith in Camden Council’s ability to manage their road network.

Campaign Director
Stop CS11

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