Pollution, Collusion, Corruption And Morality. Should TfL Refund Every Owner Taxi Driver ?

So, we've got all this shroud waving -because that's what it is shroud waving- about pollution levels.
Is it safer to be up on the street or down on the tube?
Suddenly, inspite of the science and Khans so called experts....nobody knows!

Khan's so called expert scientist has said "Like for like, London Taxis create more pollution the the equivalent Euro4-5-6 private vehicles"....funny though, he hasn't made public the report or offered up any evidence of this claim. Unlike the Kings College report which told us that the new Taxi's Euro 5 and 6 engines, were in fact more polluting than the older versions they took out of service.

But what makes me sick to my stomach, it's got TfL, uncle Tom Cobbly and all the usual gang, trying to blame the taxi trade for London's toxic air.

Well, Khan's statement cannot be so can it, just think about it...
The MoT emission test, is the same for all vehicles and we have to pass this twice every year. So his statement is clearly a nonsense! Where on earth did they get this statistic from?
Is it a statistic....or was it just put out there without any evidence whatsoever?
Or more dangerously, was it just an opinion from a Lycra clad expert with an agenda against the Taxi trade?

Back To The Pollution Nonsense :
We all agree....we want clean air, of course we do... after all we have to work out their day in day out. 

But we're only allowed to drive the vehicle TfL mandate we have to drive. Of course, they could have mandated cleaner LPG Cabs 15-20 years ago but no...because they were hand in glove with manufactures LTI at the time (who advertise in all the trade papers) nobody was going to upset the gravy train.

Well now they are saying our vehicles are so dangerous and we are killing so many people, you'd have thought we'd be banned. 
But you can carry on killing as long as you give them some money....

         Pay a daily charge !!!!

These people are worse than the Mafia.

Something else to think about:
With all the advances in engine technology over the past few years, how come London's air has become so much worse???
As we said previously, before you can charge for pollution, you have to create it. A lesson learned from Ken Livingston's before you can charge for congestion, you have to create it...

Who'd have thought that a massive roll out of badly planned segregated cycle lanes would have created so much pollution causing congestion? 


Now we hear that the tube is 30 times more polluted than the most polluted street....does that mean it's never been us all along that's killing all these people...it's the tube?

Khan said this week that Taxis are the most polluting vehicles on the street, but this is a lie and cannot be so, as we've all had to pass the emissions test in the twice a year MoT! That's two MoTs more than his own official BMW.

For years successive mayors, in league with LTI, have said LPG wasn't the answer....but now, suddenly it is the answer to cleaning up euro 5. 
But and here's the sting....also this week we are told that if you go to the expense of converting to LPG, the age limit is to stay at 15 years....

Apparently though, TfL are to have one of their infamous consultations....and we all know what that means....they've already made their mind up. 

Why not come and speak with Sadiq's senior advisor on air pollution Emma Fenton, and ask her where he got his statistics saying that Tacis were responsible for 20% of Londons toxic pollution!

She will be at the Archibald Library Catford, at 7-9 pm on the 29th of January 

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