Open Letter To TfL Regarding Taxi Exclusion From Mayor Of London's Plans For Tottenham Court Road.

Subject: Tottenham Court Road exclusion. 

Why are Licensed London Taxis being excluded from TfL, Camden Council and the Mayor of London's plans for Tottenham Court Road?

With the horrendous KSI statistics of TfL's publicly funded, privately owned Bus companies, in stark contrast to the unparalleled safety record of self-sufficient Taxis, it appears there is an agenda by TfL and the Mayor to rob Peter (Taxis) to pay Paul (Buses).

It is TfL who have failed the Bus companies.
TfL and three successive Mayors have tried to propgandise drivers out of cars and on to bikes. But instead, because of TfL's ludicrous road mismanagement policy where buses stand still in manufactured gridlock, users stepped off TfL buses and onto cycles or walked.
Adding to that mix of greed and ineptitude, TfL licensed sixty thousand more Private Hire minicabs than was necessary as a quick drying mortar to London's heavy wall of traffic built into its ever decreasing road space.

As a COPD sufferer I applaud any attempt to filter the air. But to cause such stress and pollution on purpose, for the sole aim of misappropriating taxes to cover TfL and the Mayor's financial ineptitude, is unforgivable.
Their sharp practice will be found out.

It is clear to Londoners that TfL's hierarchy are not very good at their jobs.
It is my personal belief that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has a vendetta against the Licensed Taxi trade.
TfL, Mayor Khan and culpable councils like Camden are out to destroy London's 365 year old professional door to door, safe, clean and wheelchair accessible transport service.

You know, I know, London knows, and even those of you who benefit from your elite capture know that walking, cycling and busing cannot cover all the various needs of London's traveling public.
The Mayor and TfL are denying the public a choice.
When Taxi and Private Hire drivers complained about the illegal Uber app and the illegality of disruptive technology, they were told by corrupt politicians and TfL that it was all about 'choice.'
Today TfL, the Mayor and a blackmailed Camden Council are taking that basic freedom away from the public.

Taking into account that Camden Council have little to no choice over Tottenham Court Road, for fear of losing funding, I have two other questions:
Who is funding this fiasco?
Why did Camden Council ask local businesses and residents for their views via a consultation, only to disregard its results?

I hope to hear your response in good time.

Kind regards,
Leonard H. Etheridge.

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