Minicab Drivers Union To Call Series Of Rolling Demo's

Late last night, the United Private Hire Drivers Union, announced that it would be taking to the streets to protest against the Mayors plan to charge Private Hire drivers the congestion charge. 

Although the UPHD have said that Addison Lee and Uber have no intention of passing on the charge to the passenger, Uber’s CEO Dara has already stated they are happy to pay and will spread the cost over passenger fares.

Uber are currently engaged in an appeal to the Supreme Court over their workers rights tribunal verdict.  

London’s largest PH union said they will be mounting a series of demonstrating. 

The plan is to target certain areas in a series of rolling drive-bys. 

This is the Statement released on social media last night, by James Farrar, Chair of the United Private Hire Drivers branch of the IWGB

BREAKING: UPHD announces first in a series of PHV rolling demos. 

We're  fighting a congestion charge unfairly levied on PH drivers and to end discrimination at TfLTPH. 

 10am Jan 14th outside Palestra, Blackfriars Rd. 

It seems the UPHD's Union has learned from the failures of our own largest representatives, theLTDA and their policy of wait and see, with demonstrations being the last straw....a policy which has resulted in the loss of the Bank Junction to the Taxi Trade..

Later, towards to end of January, the Independent Taxi Alliance (ITA) will be calling a series of Daily Demos in the campaign "Where Buses Go, Taxis Go. Could be very interesting in the demos overlap with the mincab rolling protests. 

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