Midweek Update On Tottenham Court Road Demos.....Statement From The ITA.

The only criticisms levelled at us so far have been from a few cyclist trolls, who were complaining about us blocking emergency services access along Tottenham Court Road. 

Keeping the outside lane clear...
The 3rd lane was always kept open by drivers and marshals most of the time, but unfortunately the police decided to let cars and a huge lorry down the clear lane which got stuck at the junction of Store Street and couldn't go any further. 

It took a few minutes to adjust the demonstrators vehicles but within a short time, the way was cleared. We spoke to the police on point duty and they agreed to go back to diverting the traffic and keeping the clear lane access free. It’s our belief that this was a deliberate tactic to make us look bad. 

Even so, we really do need to keep the third lane clear, so if you find yourself directed into the outside lane and it comes to a stand still, please stay with your cab to facilitate marshals who will be trying to keep the lane moving.

So far, the demos have been very well behaved and peaceful, fully supported by residents, businesses and the police. If attitudes change we do have other plans, which the marshals will relay to drivers.

Demo Times...
It is felt necessary to stick with the times and venue as many drivers are not on social media and it would be hard to get the message across in a short period of time.

A few people heard on LBC radio last night, someone who was introduced as a spokesman or leader of the ITA.  No leader or spokesperson appeared on LBC yesterday, it was just one of the demonstrators, who appeares to have put out his own views about the demos on Tottenham Court Road. He most certainly was not an official spokesperson.

The only spokespersons for the Proactive ITA are Sean Paul Day and James Thomas.

It's no big deal...but we've been asked to verify the statements this person made. 

Please follow on Twitter @ProactiveITA for more updates. 

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