Mayor Accused Of Burying TfL’s Bad News By Falsely Blaming Taxi For Toxic Air Quality

Mayor Sadiq Khan went before the GLA Transport Committee earlier this week and lied through his teeth in the same style as ex TfL Director Leon ‘the liar’ Daniels did on multiple occasions. 

Khans statement "I have a sceintific report from experts" almost as laughable as Leon saying I have here Uber's customer service landline number....oh how we all laughed at that one Leon, when it turned out to be Jo Bertram's ex-directory personal contact number. 

Khan stated that Taxis were responsible for 30% of the toxic pollution in central London. He knows this because his experts set up a number of check points. 

Miraculously these experts after taking a sample of the ambient air could tell which vehicle was imitating which toxic particle. Amazing science said Khan

Yes, it’s so amazing... it doesn’t exist!

So, why would he lie and spread this all over the media.... what news was he really trying to bury?

Well now we know as this news below is all over the media today!


Particulate pollution on parts of the London Underground (LU) is up to 30 times higher than levels beside roads in the capital, a report has found.

The report - by the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants - found the Northern Line had the highest levels of particulate matter (PM).

Committee chairman Professor Frank Kelly said the committee were "uncertain about the health effects".

Transport for London (TfL) said they "closely monitor dust levels".

Tests were carried out over 10 days at Hampstead Station on the Northern Line, the deepest station on the network.

The average concentration of particulate pollution was found to be about 30 times higher than that found at monitoring sites close to a busy London road.

A similar length journey on a bus in the capital would expose passengers to about one third of the amount of particulates compared to the Tube, researchers discovered.

Particulate pollution was also found to be generally higher on London's Tube system compared to other subway systems.

Researchers said this was "likely due to the system's age and the fact that large parts of the network are in deep, poorly ventilated tunnels".

The Tube is the world's oldest underground railway network.

Prof Kelly said "further work" was required to look into the issue but commuters "shouldn't really change their attitude to using the Tube".

"These particles are of a different nature from the ones above ground so we are uncertain about their health effects," he said.

TfL, which commissioned the report, expanded cleaning regimes on the system in 2017 through the use of industrial vacuums and "magnetic wands".

Peter McNaught, director of asset operations, said TfL was "committed to maintaining the cleanest air possible".

"We closely monitor dust levels on the Tube and, through a wide range of measures, ensure that particle levels are well within Health & Safety Executive guidelines," he said.

Source : BBC News


So the question we would like an answer to now is:

Are these preventable deaths caused by pollution in London, 30 times more attributable to underground journeys than overground trips????

Also, can the Mayor explain how Taxis went from being responsible for 2% (TfL’s own stats) of all the NOx and particulate matter, to 20% he mentioned at City Hall to the GLA.... in just a few months????

Who wrote his script for him: Was it Leon ‘the liar’ Daniels ????

Who could forget Leon's previous lies to the GLA.....on off insurance being the biggest porkie

And this yesterday from the LCDC Twitter account !!!


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