London Taxi Trade Robbed Of 22 Million Pounds Ring-Fenced Funding By Skint TfL.

Last January,  Daniel Jones and three other men were ordered to pay a combined £6,396,273 between them, after it was found they benefitted from an estimated £13.69m worth of stolen cash, gold and gems, taken from a vault in Hatton Garden. 

But just a year down the road, we see another heist worth almost double the Hatton Garden job, but this time with the perpetrators getting off scot-free with the loot.

There was a time that to pull off a heist worth millions of pounds you’d need a team of tough guys, desperadoes, a gang, a team, a firm.....but not any more....this is the face of modern robbers 

But now we see one of the biggest heists in the history of London where a couple of untrustworthy, public servants have taken the Taxi Trade for £22m without any effort, where balaclavas and sawn off shot guns have been replaced by a simple a pen and a lot of hotspur.   

The London Taxi Trade were given £40 million pounds to help drivers switch to an electric powered purpose built Taxi.

This money was ring-fenced to protect the trade against anyone dipping their fingers in the jam pot and helping themselves. 

Then along comes a Mayor, head honcho of a public body which as a result of their woeful mismanagement inadequacies, has found itself in dept to the tune of almost a billion pounds. So selfie Sid decides to help himself to our cash.

It appears that all bets are off and £22 million has gone the same way as the missing millions from the failed Garden Bridge project. 

Worst of all, a number of alleged incompetent ex Director’s and deputy Mayors have been weighed off by the almost bankrupt TfL, with the purloined millions supposedly ring-fenced for Taxi drivers. 

Corporate language such as ‘performance related bonuses’ and ‘loss of employment compensation’ ...replacement for terms like daylight robbery and miss appropriation of public funds. 

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