LCDC Chairman Grant Davis On TfL’s 12year Age Limit CON....

TfL have stolen £23m of our money that was supposed to be ring-fenced....because they are 'a bit skint'!

They wasn't that skint when they paid off Leon 'the liar' Daniels, or Garrett 'Rett Russell' Emerson, with golden handshakes, and gold plated pensions.


Not only have tfL stolen our money, they are currently planning to ban us from major streets. Streets where we exercise our right of 360 years to ply for hire. That is the same right that gives TFL's buses the right to ply for trade. We 'are' London's public transport.... and this mayor is bent on taking away our status, our right to ply for trade. But it doesn't stop there.

New TXe 15 years age limit (for now)....But what happens when TfL say “This TXe uses dirty petrol most of the time, we have to replace it with fully electric vehicle”

LPG conversion Cabs (£10k) will get the same age limit as diesel. No longer the extra 5 years for the investment of £10k

Older cabs (euro 3-4-5) 12 years ....for now. But how long befor that’s reduced to 10...8...6. 

Is our largest our fighting this? .....  OR IS THIS ANOTHER DONE DEAL?

Thought this would never happen? Think again, it's happening and it's happening now.

As the cab trade representatives left Monday's meeting with TfL, this comment was made: "Well, that's the Garages fucked! ". Not a comment you'd expect from our largest org, but don't worry you'll still get a free diary and M&S vouchers!

THIS IS A MUST WATCH : Don't take my word for what's happened, listen to what Grant Davis, chair of the London Cab Drivers Club had to say. Click this link below:


There is only one course of action the trade can take....A last stand, and it's already been started by the Pump Court legal team. A team who started this action before there was any money in the pot, because in their words "this will be the case of the century" and they believe strongly that they can win. 

Grant gave almost the same speech last night to an invited audience of trade stakeholders (Proprietors, garage owners, meter suppliers, credit card equipment suppliers etc, people who generally make a living out of the trade). These stake holders have made extremely generous donations to the UTAG action, but now it's your turn.

Don't be an ostrich, don't bury your head in the sand, this isn't going's about to get much worse. 

Sign up and support the UTAG action now!

The JR will be heard next month. DONT LET THIS OPPOTUNITY SLIDE BY.

        JR FIRST....THEN ONTO TfL.

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