Fitzrovia News Asks, "What's The Media Reported And Is It Correct?....But Who's Posting The Fake News?

Above are photos taken between 4pm and 7pm at he demonstration on Tottenham Court Road.
Please notice that the outside lane has been kept clear for emergency vehicles.
But if you take a photo after 7pn when the police open the road back up to all traffic, you get a different picture as vehicles hurriedly drive down the empty lane, as in the picture below. This gives a fake news perspective....and guess which picture Fitzrovia Nes went with?....yes you got it, the one below 

For the sixth weekday evening in a row London Taxi drivers have blocked Tottenham Court Road between 4pm and 7pm, and brought the surrounding streets to a standstill. 

Although many people have struggled to get home by public transport, we have found in general, the majority of the public and business owners we’ve spoken to, fully support the Taxi action.

There have been allegations that a number of incorrect statements have been made in both the mainstream media and on social media.

So we thought we’d go over the problem again. 

Taxi drivers have blocked Tottenham Court Road every weekday since Monday 21 January.
This is true !

Why are the taxi drivers protesting and who’s organised it?
The Independent Taxi Alliance (ITA)have organised the protest in response to Camden Council’s proposals “to restrict access to licensed taxis using Tottenham Court Road between 07h – 19h”. They say they will hold a protest every weekday between 4pm and 7pm indefinitely until Camden decides to allow unrestricted access to taxis, Where Buses go, Taxis go...
Also very true !

What has the media reported and is it correct?

Report: Only buses and bikes will be allowed between 8am and 7pm, Monday to Saturday, when Tottenham Court Road is converted from one-way to two-way traffic from March. (Evening Standard, Friday 4 January; Camden New Journal, Friday 25 January).

TAXI LEAKS Verdict: 
Camden Council is due to convert TCR to two-way working from March or April this year. Buses and all other traffic (at first) will run in both directions. There will be no restrictions on other vehicles for the first 12 months. But then from March 2020 there will be restrictions on sections of TCR where only buses and cyclists will be allowed between 8am and 7pm, Monday to Saturday stopping through passage to all except buses and cycles. 

There will be limited access to bits of the road for all traffic such as Torrington Place to Howland Street and Goodge Street to Chenies Street. There will be a couple of difficult to get to taxi ranks tucked away in side-streets, one of which will be laughably in Store Street by South Crescent only accessible from Percy Street or Alfred Place. 

The Taxi Rank spaces at the northern end of TCR will remain accessible from Grafton Way. 

Traffic modelling by Camden show that there will be a significant increase in traffic congestion in the surrounding areas increasing pollution levels. Traffic modelling where Taxis are allowed shows that in another model where Taxis were included show that in certain side streets (particularly Charlotte Street) would not have any significant increase. 

There is a series of maps showing the (rather complicated) access arrangements here:

You may be wondering if there is so much fake news and information flying about, why haven’t Camden Council made a statement. 
Camden have a very expensive press office and public relations team but not one word from them regarding these demos. 

However, we understand that Camden will be making a statement later this week and it will be published in the Camden New Journal on Thursday.  

from Taxi Leaks
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