EXCLUSIVE : ANOTHER KHAN SCAM: The Great Toxic Air Lie...by Gerald Coba

This toxic air crap from the Mayor is total fictitious crap. It’s Fake News of the highest order.

He points to the science, yet his report was compiled by so called experts and not scientists, experts that is, belonging to think tanks like the IEA and the cycling lobby. 

Q. So why is he doing this?

A. It’s all about the money. 

He doesn’t want or expect everyone to switch to electric, (apparently there’s a one year wait for a new fully ellectric car)...he expects you to pay the charge... TfL have a deficit of £1bn this year yet the performance related bonuses go up every year. 

Some top directors at TfL are getting £250,000 performance related pay bonus payments. The money has to come from somewhere!

The constant fake news about how many London’s are dying prematurely (notice he keeps mentioning "young children" this is no more than condescending emotional blackmail) is burying the bad news from TfL, such as:

What happened to the missing millions from the Garden Bridge?

What’s going on with these extended delays with Cross rail? 

What’s the reason behind why TfL have taken a soft approach with the Uber situation?

While we are on the subject of pollution, we ask the Mayor about the damage caused by Log burner stoves but he wouldn’t give an answer.... Log burning stoves although they have some green credentials because they don’t add to globe warming as such but in winter they are responsible for 30% of all  PM2.5s in the atmosphere and that figure comes from scientists, not dodgy experts. Will the Mayor be slapping a £12.50 daily charge on Log Burner owners ?  

Will the owners of wood burners have to pay the charge ?

In his recent statements, Khan says "Dirty Black Taxis" are responsible for 25% of PM2.5. This is a lie and TfLs own statists out the figure closer to 5%.

Out of 3 million vehicles in London, he blames 19,000 Taxis.. 1,000 of which are electric,4,000 of which have add blue...his figures are pure lies.

TfL have finally admitted, older Taxis such as euro 3 and 4 versions have been found to be cleaner than later euro 5 and 6 taxis....why was this covered up and why was there such a big push to get rid of the older cabs if they were in fact cleaner?  

Fact is with modem cleaner Diesel engines currently in production from manufactures such as Mercedes Audi and BMW, the air in London should be much cleaner than 10years ago.... but then TfL cane along and introduced segregated cycle lanes. We now believe this was done to purposely cause congestion on a massive scale. 

Before you can charge for pollution, you have to creat it. 

If anyone is responsible for premature deaths in London it’s the mayor and TfL, not the motorist.

Livingston did this with the congestion charge. Before you charge for congestion you have to create it. 

Now we are seeing the same with Khan, to enable him to charge for it, he’s had to create it and create it he has with the massive roll out of cycle lanes and unworkable traffic systems.

One question the Mayor refuses to answer:

If Taxi emissions are so bad, how come we pass two MOTs every year?

from Taxi Leaks http://bit.ly/2Qu4wF7
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