Day Two On Tottenham Court Road Demo....Where Buses Go, We Go

Another huge success today. The whistle blew for kick off at 4pm, and Tottenham Court Road came to a compete standstill  in just a few minutes. 

The outside lane was again kept clear for emergency service vehicles.... And again the police mess it up by letting a huge lorry along the lane which got stuck half way down by Percy Street. 

The was also a couple of cabs who were stuck behind the lorry who decided to go on walk about, which became a problem when finally the Lorry got going again. At one point, the police were going to call for a removal truck to remove an LEVC -until it was pointed out that unless they had one that could fly over the top of the traffic, there was no way it could get through. 

But the drivers were found in just a few minutes and the lane was reopened and clear again. 

Same time tomorrow but please remember to keep the outside lane open and clear, because we don’t want or need the negative publicity. 

What's become apparent over the last two days,
Is the blatant disregard for public safety shown by the cycling community who were using the clear lane as a race track....ignoring the traffic lights at pedestrian crossings at speeds well over a acceptable level. 

There were number of instances where pedestrians were run into by cyclists and not a word from the police officers in attendance. 
Well done to all the drivers who again turned up and generously gave their time to fight for our right to ply. As part of London’s public transport system, Where Buses Go, We Go.

Good News At Goodsway. 
We have been reliably informed that the no left turn except for cycles signage at Goodsway onto Pancras Road, is in fact a mistake. Camden Council say the sign is wrong and will be replaced. 
At present Taxis can ignore the no left turn to access the Kings Cross Rank. 


from Taxi Leaks
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