Buses, Cycles, And Uber App Based Hail & Ride Mini Buses Only???

Thought From Yesterday's Demo, By Tom Scullion. 

As I sat at the Tottenham Court Road (TCR) demo today my mind starting searching why!
I really mean why!  would anyone want to to propose a scheme which will hurt everyone?

Then like a light it came to me...

I suspect that as Uber’s new business model -discussed just before Christmas with Mike 'onside' Brown-  is a small type less polluting local 'Hail and Ride' bus service, servicing all areas based 'on demand’ not predictions for local communities and busy City hubs alike.

Further, I would not be surprised if the new data sharing relationship with Tfl and the underground can accurately predict a surface transportation demand based on real-time Oyster traffic.

Where would the best place to trial this new Green Transport Concept ?

I could name the recent exclusion from Bank junction for example, as a test case to exclude Taxis from any other commercial options and develop a cost effective green alternative solutions for onward travel based on the “Oyster crystal ball” maybe a small friendly Green hopper bus provided from a fellow stakeholder in the exclusive data club with revenue share opportunities.

How could we funnel the traffic into restricted arteries to slow down certain routes for road users then give advantages to other suppliers... it ain’t rocket science 

Taxis bad New friends Good


Join your colleagues today, 4pm till 7pm and show Camden Council and TfL that we are not standing for these exclusions any more.
We are going to fight till the end. 

from Taxi Leaks http://bit.ly/2U2umlQ
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