BBC's Tom Edwards Say 'London Taxi Demos Are Old News So Won't Get Covered' Jim Thomas

After watching the coverage generated on TV news media yesterday, I decided to contact the BBC and their in the spot transport correspondence Tom Edwards through the medium of social media  (twitter accounts) 

I said I was surprised to see so much coverage as they BBC have never shown this much interest in London Taxi demos. 

This was the patronising answer I receive from veteran correspondent Tom :
Well it was new and a new issue .. generally demos on the same issue I’m afraid get reduced coverage as time goes on.. as the issue has been covered. Bests

Mind you, Tom's report missed out the fact that the demo had to start late, as the Uber drivers put out the wrong post code (SE1 1NJ St Joseph's Roman Catholic School), so most of the demonstrators when to a different venue at the Borough. Bought back memories of their 250,000 signature petition that Uber managed to delive to the wrong address, when TfL stated they wouldn't renew the operators licence as Uber wasn't fit and proper.

So We can take from Tom's reply that the BBC have looked at our recent struggles with the City of London, TfL, Westminster council and Camden Council and decided it's just a prolonged argument going back over many years, so not NEWS worthy.

The fact that we are now in an all new conflict for our continued survival as a viable trade....fighting for road access where we can exercise our rights to ply for higher on the highway, seems to have been consigned to the unhappy Cabbies file again. 

Perhaps we should move our demo down to Portland Place again!!!

We've done it before BBC news blackout on Taxi demos over UberRape worse than Saville!
This time 7o/c just as the ‘One Show’ starts....A flash mob just outside the studio window, complete with bullhorns and posters, every day for a few weeks. 

Toms reply gives us insight as to why the BBC doesn’t cover UberRape, Uber Crashes, Uber Corruption, Uber Data Breaches... becoming so frequent these subjects are no longer news worthy for the BBC News team to cover......Bit like Brexit then Tom, no longer news worthy for the Beeb???

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