Uber, Lyft and their like are the least of our worries at the moment

Uber, Lyft and their like are the least of our worries at the moment. 

We now have apps coming along that are allowing Hackney Carriage drivers from outside London to pick up on their platform. 

They say this is legal as TfL class all app jobs as ore bookings. 

How has this been allowed to happen ???

Firstly our largest org, the only one that TfL is willing to listen to, is asleep on this type of issue in case it interferes with their advertising revenue 

Secondly, to all the drivers who thought Chris Johnson’s campaign wasn’t worth supporting... it’s your fault that this is happening. 

And it’s not over yet, it’s about to get so much worse.

You may be doing alright on your app work, but you will soon be competing with Taxi drivers from all over the Home Counties.

The power to stop this happening is in your hands....the orgs aren't going to do it for you, so that just leaves you!


Out of the many thousands of drivers currently on a Taxi type app in central London, just over 300 have actually made a donation to secure their future. Many (over half these drivers) have made a second and subsequent further donation. 

16 days left to go with just £2980 to raise!

Don't wait to see if someone else is going to save your trade, this is something YOU need to do for yourself.

TAXI LEAKS EXTRA BIT : by Chris Johnson

We all know that Uber’s Dara Khosrowshahi recently met with Chris Grayling. After obtaining FOI requests, we now know what they spoke about. 

We know Dara spoke about Uber pool express (minibuses) - to use in bus lanes?

But Dara akdonspoke about integrating taxis into the Uber App. 

This is the same reason MyTaxi won't confirm whether we are plying on the app or not because this is the strategy for all apps - they call it fully intergrated platforms. 

Now please try to understand that these orgs and unions are actively working against driver by not supporting the employment tribunal case against MyTaxi - Daimler own MyTaxi, Blacklane (PH), ViaVan (PH), Hopp was Taxify (PH). 

He also goes on to talk about homogenised regulations 
*this is a 1 tier system* 
again this is why MyTaxi won't defined that they are a plying app, all of these app companies want this homogenisation.

from Taxi Leaks https://ift.tt/2PBz4EC
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