There Are Lies, Damn lies, And TfL Accident Statistics ... BankJunction 4-7pm All Week.

After the success of the week long protest in London Bridge, the ever growing ranks of the Proactive ITA move northwards to the Bank Junction itself.
We now know that the same tactic have been used at Tooley Street that resulted in a ban from the Bank Junction. But we now have the proof that there have been no accidents at the junction of London Bridge and Tooley Street, involving vehicles other than Cycles and Motorcycles.
TfL don't own the roads, we do. They just (mis)manage them.
When massive upheavals like CSH's, Torrington Place, Judd Street, Tottenham Court Road, Bank Junction, Tooley Street, etc are proposed, the consultations should go out to London Rate Payers only, and not cycle clubs in Devon and Cornwall.
The lose of bus lane access is one of the biggest threats to the trade ever. We are hearing that certain PH companies are intent of providing minibus pool services which could use bus lanes in the same fashion as tour buses and coaches.
This is a fight we must win.
There will be no more wait and seeing.
The absence of our largest org has again angered their own membership, who were chanting "where’s Steve".  
Some say @ProactiveITA is now the go to face of the Taxi industry with 4K plus.
Driver numbers are growing daily, and between them, created a huge show of force at London Bridge with a week long protest.
This is true driver representation and the clear message is that the LTDA are no longer relevant. LTDA members on the bridge were chanting that Steve Mcnamara no longer speaks for them.
There were both RMT and LCDC reps on the bridge, there as cab drivers, but no doubt would’ve helped any of their members if a problem had arisen.
We are all cab drivers at the end of the day .... this is where many in the trade have a problem with our largest org where must of their COM haven’t actually driven a Taxi for many years and are alleged to be out of touch.
Show your support for your colleagues and come along to the Bank Junction protests, all next week, 4-7pm.
Listen to the report from "The Bridge" by our man at the scene, Mick Smith, on London Taxi Radio. Click link below
Every Taxi that attends the protests will be awarded a Blue Dot badge. Make sure you get yours. Only one way to get one, turn up at the protest.

Trade unity is needed more now than ever before....if the orgs won't unite behind the driver led action, we have to drop them and fight on without them.

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