Scandalous Behaviour From London's 9-5 Police Force.

Apparently there is a grey Vito parked up in the drop off at kings cross station which allegedly has undercover police watching and nicking cab drivers using phones whilst using the station rank.

We had cabbies both male and female being violently mugged, yet when they called for police assistance, they were told “sorry no units in the area available". 

We’ve had a serious acid attack on a driver sitting on the rank at Marylebone station, when the terrified driver called 999 for help, he was told “ sorry, no one available in the area to assist”. He was advised to report the incident to the local police 'SHOP', between the hours of 9am-5pm....what ever happened to the 24 hour police force?

All around London we see gangs of young men stabbing each other to death, children at risk from pedophiles, drugs openly sold on street corners, grooming gangs using drugs on young females and selling them into a life of prostitution... and yet the police, in their infinite wisdom, would rather mount surveillance operations to nick cabbies sitting in a queue on a Taxi rank, not even driving.

This is scandalous and should be addressed by our orgs which appear to be in a dream world of waiting and seeing rather than doing. 

Perhaps it’s time to rethink the value of actually paying subs to what appear to be benign representative organisations.

from Taxi Leaks
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