Exclusive : St Pancras Station Improvement Works, Lost In Translation.

The LCDC's ranks and highways officer Alan McGrady had a 45 minute phone conversation today with the chief officer in charge of the changes currently underway at St Pancras Station. 

The officer assured Alan that other than the removal of the bypass access road to the taxi rank (which is to be given over to become a two way cycle lane) there are no other plans to make further changes to our rank. 

He explained that a problem seems to have arisen because of a difference of meaning to the term Taxi Rank. When the trade refers to the term 'Taxi Rank', it means the marked space outside the Midland Road doors where Taxis rank up plying for hire. But to the station planners, 'Taxi Rank' refers to the area inside the station where passengers wait to access Taxis waiting outside at (in he's words) the Taxi pick up point. 

He went on to explain the email posted on social media:
The email stated, 'the under utilised Taxi rank area'...meaning the area inside the station, 'owing to the popularity of private hire bookings from firms like Uber, will be given over to become a shop space inside the station'.

He went on to say that there were no plans whatsoever for an Uber/PH rank or waiting area. 

See Alan's Periscope, click link below.

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