Day 7 : Who Said Protests Don't Work...Stick It Out People. by I'm Spartacus

Emmanuel Macron has signalled for France's Prime Minister to suspended the fuel duty rises that have sparked widespread protests and unrest across the country. 

The French p.m. Edwardos Philippe is to announce a suspension of the fuel tax hikes on Tuesday, the AFP news agency reports.

Mister Philippe is to meet with the groups who organised the protests today. 

Reason being....the yellow vests! Le Maillot Jaune!

Shops in Paris took 20% of the normal takings, 3 weeks from Christmas. Restaurants were empty because of the protesters on the streets...

They all got together and got onto the Mayor of Paris, and the Mayor of Paris got onto the president saying how businesses can't stand this, we can't stand this...

So ladies and gentlemen who are out in the city between the hours of 4pm and 7pm :

The message is clear, the message is simple...think about whats happened in Paris...think about the big chain stores, think about the Primarks, think about the restaurants and all these type of businesses in the run up to Christmas and the January sales!!!

Imagine the fuss these people can make with the politicians, if people aren't going through their doors, because of difficulties to get around!!!

So stick it out brothers and sisters, stick it out and Viva La France. 


By I'm Spartacus. 

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