TfLTPH COs Overstepping Their Authority Again. Part 2

After my post earlier this week, I contacted TfLTPH Twitter account and asked them to order their CO's not to harass and bully drivers using authorised hand held units. 

I asked them to show me any cab order or compliance regulation that states openly and clearly, drivers can only use rear fixed units. 

They came back with a link to the London Cab Order 2016 which only states Taxi drivers are required to accept card payments as a condition of their licence. We agree with this.

We then asked them to give us a link to any regulation that states only rear fixed units. They answered with a link to TfL web page. 

After reading everything on the TfL website concerning CC units, we now believe that this regulation doesn't exist.

Adding a comment to a Twitter account is not legislation or regulation, it is just a comment from an account operator. The statement that handheld payment devices do not meet licensing requirements and are regarded as unapproved devices, has no legal standing in regards to Taxi regulations or compliance.....what we need here is a test case bought against TfL by the orgs and Unions (don't hold your breath)

Yesterday and today we contacted TfLTPH with regards to our findings but they have so far refused to comment further. 

So, by their silence, we concur, there is in fact no legislation or compliance regulation that backs up the comment made by the TfLTPH account operator. 

As long as you use an authorised unit from the list of 14 shown on their website or in the case of the LEVC 11 shown on website, drivers are compliant. 

Unfortunately TfL have not told their COs that they don't have the authority to insist to drivers and passengers on drop of points at mainline stations, that they must use the rear fitted units. 
The COs are acting as unauthorised agents for third party stakeholders. 

If you have been reported or had an unfit notice on the cab, through using a hand held unit....put the matter in the hands of your Union or Org's legal team, as TfL do not have a leg to stand on with this issue. 

Also, a few weeks ago, two taxis were left on the drop off at Euston. The drivers were down on the rank given leaflets to passengers on behalf of Gett. 

A complaint was lodge with a senior compliance officer, but his reply came back, "there's nothing we can do because Euston station is private property". 

Our question is, if Euston is private property, how can COs carry out badge and Bill checks down on the rank?

Is this another case of TfL working on behalf and promoting a third party stakeholder?  

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