Message To The Taxi Trade From Insp Jas Sandhu TPHPT re: Lisson Green Mob Attacks

Lisson Grove “advice” from Met Police 

I am writing in relation to the incidents that have been taking place in the Lissons Grove area such as making off without payment, thefts, robberies and criminal damage to vehicles. I am  requesting your assistance in sending out messages to drivers and also in trying to gather information/intelligence. Can you please encourage drivers to report all suspected crimes or crime related incidents to police. I have been told that there may be information/intelligence on social media which has not been passed to the police and would request that any information/intelligence that is on your social media sites is passed to police with details of who has supplied it. This will help us build up a picture of what is happening, where and when it is taking place and those that are involved. It could also be the vital bit of evidence that might help solve a crime.
We have been carrying out overt and covert patrols in the area and are also working with the local SaferNeighbourhoods Team to provide crime prevention advice to drivers. Again I would request your assistance in raising awareness so that drivers understand the key risks such as carrying money in the cab, leaving mobile phones or other property on show and leaving the cab. Some crime prevention measures that can be taken include refusing a job if you feel unsafe, keep doors and lockable screens shut, try not to leave the cab, if you feel something is not right drive away and contact police to report crimes or crime related incidents.
Please let me know if you have any queries and thank you in advance for your assistance.
Jas Sandhu
Insp. Jas Sandhu

from Taxi Leaks
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