Last Nights Attacks On Taxis In The Lisson Green Area. Plus Video Of Group At Marylebone Station Rank

Everyone on social media has probably seen what happened last night on Lisson Grove. A gang of approx 20 young Arab looking youths damaged a number of Taxis, using traffic cones from the road works on Rossmore Road, smashing windscreen and and denting side panels. 

The police were called but on arrival were also attacked by the group and decided that as they were seriously outnumbered, to retreat to Rossmore Road and wait for backup. 

Backup arrived in the form of officers wearing riot gear carrying shields. But by the time they went on to Lisson and Church Street, the group had disbursed. 

This happened last year and the year before on Guy Fawkes night ... so you would have thought the police would have been ready to responded quicker but no. It appears the Taxi trades troubles in this area, are right down the bottom of police priority, as we’ve seen with the way muggings against Taxi Drivers have been recorded as thefts from motor vehicles. The unit we've been instructed to report these attacks too is a police shop which shuts at 5pm. As the attacks are currently happening under cover of darkness, the unit is a waste of time. 

This has got to change. 

It is now up to our orgs who need to lobby and put pressure if the police, council and local MPs to get action as this has gone on long enough. The local MP Karen Buck has offered to help, yet hasn't been approached by our org actually situated in the area. 

We can’t have no go areas for cabs in central London. 

Below is a video sighting of a group of 8 youths around the Marylebone Station rank (one of their favourite hunting grounds).


The video by Kevin Portch was widely circulated back in 2016. 

 Since this video hit social media the group have become more confident and have spread out attacks across the West End and Kensington. They are now a regular sight on Regent Street, Piccadilly, Knightsbridge and South Ken.

The police know who these individuals are, they know where they live but have done little to combat these attacks on Cabbies. 

from Taxi Leaks
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