Is TfL's House Of Cards About To Come Tumbling Down, As ITA Announce Consecutive Protests ?

In 2009 former banker Ajit Chambers presented then TfL Chairman Boris Johnson with a plan to make £200 million by opening London’s London disused tube stations as ‘Tourist Adventures and ‘Multipurpose Venues’.  Mr Chambers then worked closely with Boris and two Transport for London staff.

Transport for London ran a procurement process in 2015 for the stations after the UK press reported in 2014 that the project was worth £3 billion. 

Mr Chambers extremely lucrative project was then not awarded to any of the bidders and instead Transport for London used their own subsidiary London Transport Museum.

This is the type of underhanded (some might even allege corrupt) behaviour, our licensing authority appears to excels at.

A cabby on FaceBook has poste, that a London MP he picked advised him:
"TfL have no intention of getting London's traffic moving again, the current congestion is contrived at the highest level within TfL and share holders of a certain construction maintenance company appear to be making a killing." 

He went on to say: Top officers in TfL should be investigated to see if they have any financial conflict of interest in this gridlock madness."

Road access is systematically being withdrawn from the Taxi trade even though there has been no change the London Cab Order 1934 para 34: 
A taxi driver is under a duty to drive the hirer of his taxi to any place within the Metropolitan Police District or the City of London not exceeding 12 miles from the place where he was hired.

The consultation for the Tooley Street's Bus/Cycle only access, was set to be released in the new year, but fearing mass cabby protests, it was decided to release the consultation just before Christmas, in the mistaken belief that the trade would not react and just carry on working regardless. 

The proposal (following on from the restrictions at Bank Junction, Moor Lane and a number of streets in Hackney) is just the thin end of wedge, with many other areas already ticked off for implementation in the new year. 

We've also heard that Euston Road is scheduled to be closed to traffic for a number of months.... for a massive rebuilding program. 

The Independent Taxi Alliance (ITA) has made the statement, "Enough's enough" and have scheduled a series of demonstrations which will start on November the 26th 4pm on London Bridge with other targets (to be announced) continuing on consecutive workdays (Monday-Friday).

•  TfL consider London’s Hackney cabs as part of London’s Transport network.
•  Everywhere buses go, we go.
The protests will continue till the job is done and that is:
No more let's wait and see nonsense.

Also, don't forget, UTAG will also be going after certain TfL senior officers past and present.

Support UTAG, sign up here:

The UCG have also announced they will no longer be consulting with TfL under the umbrella of the engagement policy. Two other orgs are to consult their members, with a view of joining the United Cabbies Group.

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