Day 5 Expected To Be Massive : State Of The Trade, By Tom Scullion : Plus Lisson Grove Arrests

As each day goes on more and more Taxi drivers are turning up to demonstrate against another ill conceived highway strategy to the detriment of the public and all Road users, most of us wonder why Tfl has agreed to even having a conversation about banning Taxis from any Street with any local council. 

I honestly think that London Taxis are the most efficient form of public transportation in the World. 

Think about all wheelchair accessible purposes build vehicles who have always used the most environmentally friendly vehicles available to us, just remember when Tfl started to insist on Euro 4,5,6 standards, the same Tfl that made us all fit retrofitted exhaust system until the latest technology or new cab comes to market, so the poor Cabbie has to decide to buy another Taxi just to comply with tfl’s green policy or Jack the job in!

BTW Tfl never once looked to the 120,000 mini cabs regarding their emissions so happy days for their drivers, I did hear, they are supposed to start to engage with tfl’s Green policy sometime after 2020

Moving onto 2018 the only new London Taxi is the TXE

A-Zero emission capable Cab with a very hefty £65,000 price tag this really is a beautiful cab with the latest cutting edge engineering technology, now the poor cab driver who has to modify or upgrade their Cabs has to make the biggest business decision in his working life shall I carry on with the previous model TX4 

Which was north of a £42K investment to be EURO 6 compliant Taxi to be told that Tfl, City of London and a queue of local councils want to ban the TX4 and all previous models of Taxis from certain areas of London and this is just the tip of the iceberg Tfl now want to restrict access to critical thoroughfares across London such as Bank Junction, Tooley Street, the entire area of Bloomsbury including the latest madness at Judd Street etc etc etc.

No matter what the London Taxi trade do to comply with tfl’s conditions of fitness vehicles no matter how much it costs the driver no matter about Mayor Khans pledges to allow every Taxi full access to every bus lane in London which must include restrictions on right and left turns for buses only Tfl and the Mayor have, in their infinite wisdom, to not only renege on their promises they now want to restrict more and more access on the streets of London. 

So as you can understand your London Cabbie has had enough and have made a statement this week by protesting at the latest proposal of restrictions at Tooley Street and beyond.

If Tfl and the Mayor really want to tackle safety, congestion and emissions on London’s streets give London taxis your full support and freedom to ply for hire unabated access to make London the best City in the World.

Here is just three positive suggestions ( there are 100 more) to improve safety, congestion, emissions, journey times and customer satisfaction and value for money.

• Allow right turn from the strand onto Waterloo bridge
• Allow access to the bus lane from Shaftesbury Ave to Piccadilly 
• Allow access to the bus lane at Cockspur Street
Just try this for a trial period to measure the massive improvements it will make with virtually zero costs to Tfl.

Be lucky 🍀

Tom Scullion 


London Taxi Radio’s Sean Paul Day, Interveiws GLA Member David Kurten In London Bridge.
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Latest Update on the Lisson Grove Gang:

Lisson grove, Thursaday 29th November  
Four robbery suspects have been arrested by warrant and their homes searched. 

They have been I nterviewed under caution and bailed to return to Police station at a later date.

Files have been sent to the cps for consideration of charging.
Police are hopeful that the bail conditions may include , no riding in taxis and a night curfew.

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