Exclusive : TfLTPH COs Overstepping Their Authority Again. Demanding Passengers Only Use Rear CC Machines

It’s been bought to our attention that TfLTPH COs are overstepping their authority again this morning. 

The TfLTPH staff are loitering at the drop off point at Kings Cross Station. 

They approach drivers seen making credit card transactions using a hand held unit. The COs then inform the driver that they can’t use the hand held unit (a false statement) and must use the one fitted in the rear (again false). 

They then expand on this by telling the driver if they continue with the transaction, they will be reported. 

This is in fact not true. 

There are no regulations or laws saying you can’t offer the passenger a choice of payment options. 

Conflict of financial interest?

It appears as if the COs are acting as agents on behalf of certain Transport for London board member who has a financial interest in certain Credit Card facilities and transaction companies, such as WorldPay. Surely not !!!

     Screen shot from TfL website 

If a customer wants to pay by Green Shield stamps, or with a live chicken and 10 pound of potatoes, as long as the driver agrees, it’s no one’s business but the driver and passenger. 

We comply with the mandate laid down that we must take credit or debit cards in payment for Taxi fares, and we all comply under the conditions of fitness of the vehicle with working machines in the rear.

But that’s as far as our responsibility goes. 

Arrangements can be made to take payment by whatever means are agreeable between the driver and customer, it has nothing to do with TfLTPH. 


We've seen PCOs overstepping their authority before, with their attitude and the way they speak to drivers. They have in the past given instructions they have no authority to give, they've taken property from Taxis they have no right to take. 

It's now been bought to our attention that Mr Nandha's PCOs appear again to be acting beyond their authority

We expect an apology from Anand Nandha head of compliance at TfLTPH as soon as possible.

 Images from on route magazine 

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