As Trade Struggles With Residual Value Dropping On Older Taxis, Uber Announce £200m Investment In Electric Minicabs

Taxi Leaks spoke to a driver today who popped into his cab garage to pay the Taxi rental... and immediately had his Cab taken off him and was given his copy bill back. 

He was informed by the garage that they were having 65 of their fleet repossessed by court bailiffs (wonder if Mason was there).

There’s a major storm gathering and it’s not good news for the trade. 

Many believe this is why so many cab garages have come forward to back the Mishcon action.

It must be a good bet that some are thinking along these lines, with the drop in residual values of older TX cabs. 
It could get much worse if there’s a big clammer from drivers for ZEC rentals because of customer preference for ZEC on apps, plus (and we know it’s coming soon even though Taxi paper publish fake news denying the fact) e-bus lanes and e-taxi only areas.

When this comes in, a lot of these garages will be gone forever. We are currently operating in a fragile eco system, forget UTAG mischom uber employment tribunals this will be our biggest issue. 

And now, another nail in our coffin??? as the illegally licensed technology platform app (note, not a transport app) has announced it will be making the move to all electric vehicles by 2025 to clean up London's air. 

Another carrot to waved in front of TfL and Sadiq Khan!
But in the way they always do business, it's their own drivers who they expect to come up with this massive investment, through higher commission from higher fares!

They say they will be adding 15p to every journey. Dara told the BBC that it will be the drivers who will be funding this

Reports have come in that Uber's CEO is currently having a meeting with TfL's Mike Brown today. 

Will Mike Brown sweep all the latest complaints about the company under the carpet as before and give Dara the thumbs up to expand business in the capital after having this carrot dangled in front of him ???
After all, who says they will still be here in 2025???
Another odds on bet, we think!

from Taxi Leaks
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