Why Haven't London's Fully Wheelchair Accessible Taxis Been a Granted An Exemption In Hackney???

From 9am this morning, we will no longer be in a position to take disabled and vulnerable people to their doors in certain streets in the borough of Hackney. 

This is just the thin end of the wedge.
As the restrictions expand, we will longer be able to drop young ladies home to their doors, making sure they get home safe at night .

Where is the support from Tanni Grey Thompson and Doctor Alice Maynard ???
Both wheelchair users both on the board of TfL ?

These two eminent board members have never been up front with their support for the only full wheelchair accessible transportation service in London ...
They are to wheelchair users what a certain General Secretary was to the Taxi drivers..... virtually silent !!!

Add to that, where is the support from orgs such as the Susie Lamplugh trust ?

Where is the support from the medical fraternity, MPs, passenger safety campaigners ?
Something definitely smells here!!!

Hackney is just the first council to have made “no-go” areas on London’s streets, banning the safest and most trusted form of transport in favour of services from a company that has seen instances of rape, serious sexual assault , grooming  and stalking go through the roof. (Backed by stats from the Met Police and TfL). Other councils such as Islington, Camden, and Westminster are keeping a close watch on this project.

Most of all, from the drivers view point, where the hell is the support from our own orgs and Unions ???
This didn’t just happen, they’ve known about this for months !!
Is this another result of waiting and seeing???

All forms of sexual assaults are catastrophic to victims and their families...but worst of all...what about the safety of children on school runs ?

Hackney will be forcing parents in certain areas, to put their children in cars with drivers from companies with a history of rapists, paedophiles  and grooming gangs because “we, the London Taxi trade” can’t get them home safe to their doors. 

This from Business Insider.

Almost half of all drivers working for a private hire operator that were convicted of a sexual offence in London last year were driving for Uber, new data from the Metropolitan Police has revealed.

Figures from the Met police, compiled by Transport for London, show that the number of taxi and private hire journey-related sexual offences hit 164 in the capital last year, of which 30 cases were rape, up from a total of 136 in previous year, of which 28 were classed as rape.

Not all of those cases resulted in a charge, but of the 34 that did, 26 cases happened in licensed private hire cars that were booked via one of 13 different operators.

No licensed black cab driver was charged. 
So why are Hackney banning black cabs from streets in their borough in favour of a company with a record like Uber’s ? 

TAXI LEAKS COMMENT : from Lenny Etheridge 
Is exclusion what we are to expect from a #Labour government?

Hackney council are restricting TfL Taxi practices - and yet their own vehicles are diesel. Will Hackney's residents be made to bring there house hold refuse  and recycling bins to the end of the street for collection???

I would hazard a guess these vehicles will be given an exemption... If this is the case then why haven't fully wheelchair accessible vehicles been given an exception? 

Is Hackney's Mayor, Philip Glanville's attitude, what we are to expect from Abbott and Corbyn, if Labour get in ?

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