London Taxi Caught In A Hail Of Bullets Sitting In Traffic On Essex Road Islington.

A London Taxi Driver has been left shaken, after being shot at multiple times in Essex Road, Islington.

London Taxi driver Mike White, was left shaken after being caught by a hail of bullets, as he sat in traffic  on Essex Road.

Mike White posted these shocking images on Twitter of the incident which showed bullet holes which shattered his rear window and punctured his tyre. 

He was sat in traffic on Essex Road when the shocking incident happened, a parked car was also hit and a young lady was seen running screaming along the road with blood pouring from an arm injury.

"I was adjacent to this parked car when it went off. Apparently the bullet is still on the front seat. Thought i was made of strong stuff but i feel like throwing up" said Mike

He posted on social media: “Lovely, sitting in traffic, suddenly 4 or 5 gunshots very close behind me.”

“One shattered back window, one flat tyre and a very lucky passenger. Police here in force.”
No more work for me tonight.”

Mike hit out at London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Twitter and said: “Thank-you for failing on this city Mr. Mayor.”

An hour ago my taxi was in the wrong place at the wrong time when gunshots rang out just behind me in Islington.”

Mike said both he and his passenger were injured but was unable to comment further on the incident due to Police advice. 

London totally out of control, more akin to the Wild West....
    Is it time for these two to be replaced 

TAXI LEAKS EXTRA BIT :  by Jim Thomas.
It's not pleasant being caught up in this type of incident. I can speak from personal experience. 
It's only after that the horror of the situation can suddenly hits you for six.

It was just befor Christmas 1978, I picked up a smartly dressed Irish man in Edgware Road. On the journey to Southgate, he produced a revolver from his coat and held it close to my head. He said don't look at me just drive. I truly  thought I was never going to see my wife and children again and had come to terms with the fact that this would be my lot. 

We got to Bourn Hill Southgate and he directed down towards Green Lanes. Approaching the lights, I what the hell.... and decided to take the chance to jump ship. I ran off as fast as I could along Green Lanes leaving the chap in the cab rolling over the lights down the hill. 

It's a long story and I won't go into detail, but the man escaped and the police weren't happy with my actions. But I know I did the right thing for my, because I'm here today to talk about it...

The incident affected my confidence quite a bit and took me a good few weeks before I got my nerve back again and was able to pick up passengers late at night. 

Taxi Leaks would like to take this opportunity to wish Mike all the best and hope he's back at work soon. 

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