It Used To Be Lions Lead By Sheep, But a Now It's Sheep Lead By Jim Thomas

Just been informed that at a meeting earlier today, the United Trade Group (UTG) agreed not to support Chris Johnson’s Limb B Action. 
Even though most of them had no idea what his action is about and hadn’t even read any of his posts on social media. 

Also Steve Mc announced today, he (the LTDA) would not be objecting to the Uber court case decision, as he didn’t think we could win.

If Steve thinks we can’t win against Uber’s judgement, when it has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that the Magistrate (Emma Arbuthnot) had a direct conflict of interest (though her husband Baron Arbuthnot) and has since been banned from any future Uber cases/trials, then why is he fronting the case for compensation and asking drivers to sign up without first seeing any T&Cs. (Strange that!)

They (the UTG) admitted today they hadn’t read and didn’t understand Chris Johnson’s action...

Why didn’t they invite him or SPD to explain it to them?

More interestingly, did they take minutes, so we can check exactly what was said ?

It seems like the LTDA have rolled over every time, every conflict, scared to act, scared to represent the rank and file who pay their wages. 

We are losing rank spaces, Bus Lane access, the Bank Junction, Tottenham Court Road, and all we get from our largest org is “let’s wait and see”.

They cancelled branch meetings, they scrapped a branch, they cancelled the branch election... and they just keep getting away with it.
This is getting more like a SitCom.

This trade is no longer represented democratically and in my opinion, we are now part of a dictatorship lead by Steve Mc and all the other orgs appear to be too frightened to upset him and so, do as they’re told.

It’s now up to you the drivers alone, to fight for the trades survival on the streets. 

Your orgs appear not to be representing you best interests.... some never did and some never even entered the ring when the bell went for round 1

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