Hackney Council In Controvention Of The PHV Act 1998 : Will TfLTPH And Mayor of London Act ??

This weeks E-mail from @TfLTPH Says Taxis are exempt from ULEZ.  

So it would be fair to believe we are also exempt from Hackney and Islington council’s new schemes ???  

In the borough of Hackney, if you are an existing parking permit holder, you are exempt from the scheme.

Below is an extract from Hackney’s website page 

“Existing on-street parking permit holders are exempt.”

It goes into say:

“Your vehicle will automatically be added to our list of exempted vehicles and you won't need to apply for an exemption. If you change your vehicle, it's your responsibility to tell us and register a new number plate for the exemption.”

So as we are already exempt from the ULEZ scheme London wide, then we should be covered by our exemption in Hackney and Islington. Will our registration be automatically be added to their lists of exempt vehicles ??

Would someone at TfLTPH care to answer. ?? ....It Starts Monday !!!

TfLTPH was asked the question on Twitter and came back with this answer :

Taxis are not exempt from the scheme being administered by Hackney and other councils. More details are here: https://ift.tt/2NxvYB7

But more worrying, Taxi Leaks has spotted that Hackney council are offering “Taxi rides” with Green Tomato Cars. This offer is being promoted by Hackney illegally using the words Taxi and Taxis !!

Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets are advertising a low emission “Taxi” discount card on this website. But in fact, the rides being offered are in a private hire company minicab. This is a misleading and illegal advertisement. 

Will TfL be taking this up with the council, insisting that the company be removed from their website after braking the conditions of the Private Hire Vehicles Act 1998 ?? 

We believe we need a more comprehensive answer from both TfL and The Mayor Sadiq Khan. 

London’s streets are being taken away from the trade by stealth .... will TfL (who have insisted that we bought the vehicles we now use), be paying compensation to drivers... who are seeing their working area eroded by being banned from certain parts of the Capital ??

The first of these schemes start on Monday with a promise of more to come !!

The question now has to be asked :

Will our trade orgs be fighting this policy on a united front (even though their general secretary of our largest org has a family conflict of interest in regards to selling the LECV to the trade) ???

If you belong to a trade org, ring them up on Monday and find out where their stand on this issue and what they intend to do. 

Will the trade stand up and fight back?....Or will they assume the position and  “wait and see” ??

from Taxi Leaks https://ift.tt/2N2T31I
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