Police Telling Uber Passengers "Don't Travel Alone, Don't Tell Driver Where You Live After Yet Another UberRape

Unbelievably SAN ANTONIO police are giving out safety tips to young ladies to stop their Uber drivers raping them, after an Uber driver was arrested, following an accusation of sexually assaulting by a female passenger inside her apartment over the weekend.
Did they not consider revoking Uber's licence or at leas telling young ladies to get proper licensed Taxis?

On Saturday, July 14, the woman called police to report that she had been sexually assaulted by driver Jacobo Manuel Gutierrez, 32. 
According to the affidavit, the woman had been drinking at Slackers bar off Nacogdoches Road when she decided to call an Uber to take her home. 

During the ride, the woman said the driver stopped in a vacant parking lot and began touching her without consent.

Sounds familiar to the 48 Uber passengers who were raped by Uber drivers in London last year according to the Met Police statistics. 

The driver then drove the woman home and followed her into the apartment. Once inside, the woman said Gutierrez sexually assaulted her in her bedroom while she was unable to protect herself.

Gutierrez told police that he helped the woman into her apartment because she was drunk. He claims to have left his cell phone in the apartment and returned to find that she had called police.

During a police interview, Gutierrez eventually told officer that he had touched the woman inside the apartment and engaged in sexual activities.

Gutierrez was arrested and faces charges for sexual assault. 

Uber said the driver has been removed from the app and released the following statement:
“What’s been reported is horrible and has no place anywhere. We’ve provided information to the San Antonio Police Department and will continue to support their investigation and proceedings in any way possible."

"Be aware of your surroundings, always be aware of what's going on. This is probably the best advice I can give you," said SAPD Officer Carlos Ortiz.

Ortiz also says it's important for passengers, especially women, to be extra cautious when taking rides.
Along with keeping your eyes and ears open, don't drink too much and make sure the vehicle that pulls up matches the one you ordered. 
"When your vehicle comes up, taking a picture of the license plate of that vehicle, just making sure you have some evidence of the vehicle that you were in. That helps police a lot of times because running a plate - whether it's a Texas plate or not a state plate - gives us information on whole that vehicle is registered to," he said.

When it comes to your route getting home, Ortiz says you don't have to make the trip alone.
"One of the things that another person can do is use the pool or the ride share where you actually have to pick up another patron. This way there's two people in the vehicle," Ortiz said.

You can also use a different destination so the driver won't know where you live.
"Finding a well-lit area, a gas station, maybe that's 24-7 where there's going to be people around. Calling a friend or getting out and calling police. A lot of times we can try to help you out in situations that are tough when you're experiencing some sort of weird environment inside a taxi or maybe even a ride share," Ortiz said.

Not once did SADP police offer the advice of getting a legitimate licensed Taxi home. 

So the SAPD are saying 
"Don’t travel alone in an Uber, give a fake destination, don't get dropped off at your house, choose a public place, then get a friend to meet you there."
Then hope your account isn't charged falsely for a clean up job.

How is this company still allowed to operate? 

Meanwhile, here in London:  
How many serious sexual assaults are TfL responsible for since they allowed Uber to keep working by not revoking their licence last August when they decided Uber were not fit to operate?

Lives have been shattered which have devastated families across the capital. The TfL commission Mike Brown  and his directors at LTPH are responsible for these ruined lives.... they have blood on their hands for not protecting the public. 

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