Millionaire cleared of threatening to kill Taxi driver with shotgun following fare dispute

via taxi-point
A millionaire company director who was accused of threatening to shoot dead a taxi driver with one of his hunting shotguns has been cleared of all charges. TaxiPointreported yesterday that James Willmott was facing a charge of possession of a shotgun with intent to cause fear of violence. Taxi driver Hanifur Rehman told a court that a dispute over a fare had broken out between himself and Willmott, whom he had picked up from Cardiff city centre along with five other men. According to the accusations, Willmott refused to pay the fare of £40 because he felt Rehman had attempted to raise the price to £60 due to them requesting a detour to pick up some late night McDonalds. When Rehman refused to leave Willmott's property, a large country home in Pendoylan, South Wales, Willmott threatened to go inside a get his shotgun and kill Rehman for trespassing. Rehman said Willmott then returned carrying a hunting shotgun which he then loaded and cocked in his direction. Armed police were called to the millionaires home and arrested Willmott who denied the accusations. Although during a search of the property the police found the gun described to them by Rehman, along with other weapons, Willmott was cleared of the charges by a jury of eight men and four women who took less than an hour to deliberate at Cardiff Crown Court. Mr Willmott admitted owning a 4ft-long shotgun but claims to never of brought it outside to threaten Mr Rehman with. Mr Willmott told the court: "I never took the gun outside. I never pointed the gun at him. The driver left. I went to bed".
July 17, 2018 at 11:39PM