In a bid to reduce the “rocketing” number of minicabs circulating within the congestion charge zone, Mayor Sadiq Khan said he may introduce tougher emission rules, limiting the type of private hire vehicles able to claim a 100 per cent discount on the £11.50 weekday charge next April. Not quite a promise.....more a threat!

Transport for London said if this were bought in, it could cut the number of minicabs in the zone by up to 45 per cent — from 18,000 to 10,000 — and raise about £115,000 a day. 

Black cabs will continue to be exempt from the C-charge as they can carry wheelchair users.
Taxi orgs must keep an eye on this issue as we don't want this to change suddenly in another "done deal".

The number of minicabs in central London, including Uber vehicles, has “rocketed” from 4,000 a day since the C-charge was introduced in 2003, TfL said. It blames the increasing popularity of Uber and the growth of home deliveries for causing congestion. 

Cutting the number of minicabs would reduce pollution and improve bus journey times, it added.

The new rules would require petrol and diesel minicabs to meet the EU’s “Euro 6” emission standards, emit no more than 75g/km of CO2 and be able to run for at least 20 miles in “zero emission” mode. TfL said about 10 per cent of minicabs that currently qualify for the discount would become ineligible. 

It is thought more modern versions of the Toyota Prius hybrid, used by many Uber drivers, already meet these standards and thus will continue to be exempt. Uber declined to comment.

However, the rules — which would be introduced alongside an ultra-low emission zone that will charge older polluting vehicles an extra £12.50 a day — would be tightened in 2021 so that only fully electric vehicles will get the discount.

TfL’s Alex Williams said: “It is only right we keep the discounts and exemptions for the scheme under review to make sure it continues to be effective.” 
Mr Khan wants 80 per cent of all trips to be made on foot, by bike or public transport by 2041.

Source : Standard 

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