BMW to take on Uber as battle of the ride-sharing companies hots up

via taxi-point
It's been revealed that BMW are about to take on Uber and launch a ride-share service in Seattle.
As of July 17th, BMWs ride-sharing arm, ReachNow, will be able to "e-hail" or prebook a vehicle, running at a cost of $2.40 per mile plus $0.40 a minute. The minimum fare will be set at $3.24.
Riders will be able to specify certain criteria to each and every ride , such as choice of music or particular temperature.
The drivers will be supplied by a company called Ecoserve, with drivers working a set shift pattern.
Drivers will be paid a set figure of $14.25 per hour and receive a host of benefits. Drivers will be supplied vehicles at no cost to themselves.
BMW haven't, as yet, indicated if they plan to offer this service outside of Seattle. SK
July 17, 2018 at 10:57PM