Totally Failing London Part 2 ..... Special Announcement From TfLTPH to clear Uber's Name.

TfL have said on a number of occasions that they've never shown grace or favour towards Uber, the eHail Minicab app that were last year refused a new licence on the grounds the were not fit and proper to hold a Private Hire operators licence.

This week we heard news of a really nasty attack on a woman and baby. The name of the alleged The checker was published by the police who wanted to interview the suspect. 

A few posts appeared on social media linking the name of the suspect with TFL's private hire licence checker web page. 

But the agency who say they have shown no grace or favour to a certain currently unlicensed Minicab firm, have put out this statement first thing this morning. 

Their statement reads :
Police have confirmed that the accused involved in this alleged offence is not a licensed private hire driver in London.

Keeping this in mind.....when have TfLTPH ever contacted the media (TV, Radio or printed press) with a statement saying that the driver in a particular scenario was not a licensed London 'Taxi' driver. Virtually all TV new channels and almost every news agency have mistakenly called rapists, murders, terrorist 'Taxi Drivers', yet not a peep from Mike Brown's merry men at TfLTPH.

Can we now expect this type of statement the next time an alleged Minicab rapist is called a Taxi driver by the BBC!
Can we expect this type of statement the next time the Standard refers to an Uber driver saying:- Taxi Driver ploughs into pedestrians on Exhibition Road??

from Taxi Leaks