Cyclist hits pedestrian on Bank Junction causing possible life changing damage

via taxi-point
A pedestrian was hit by a cyclist yesterday at City of London’s Bank Junction and has sustained possible life-changing injuries.
City of London police officers were called to scene at around 5.30pm where the victim received a head injury and swiftly taken to the Royal London Hospital in East London.
The controversial junction has trialed a ban on all motorised traffic, excluding buses, since May last year between 7am-7pm claiming that the “Bank on Safety” will ensure pedestrians safety.
The City of London Corporation who manage the junction recently announced that the number of casualties have halved and that the ban could be made permanent.
The Bank Junction restrictions have been heavily criticised by the Taxi trade as traffic levels soar in neighbouring side roads and journey times doubling in some cases.
June 06, 2018 at 08:06AM