The LCDC Question, Submitted By David Kurten Of UKIP ...And The Mayor's Answer. Part 2.

WTF is Khan talking about when he answered David Kurtan at Mayors Question Time "designed to ensure London remains the world leader in regulating taxi and private hire service"

Why has no one challenging Khans statement?
Who told him the regulators were the best in the world?
London's Private Hire Trade (since the implementation of a Uber) has seen the statistics on PH driver rape and sexual assault go through the roof!

TfL have allowed an illegal operation to carry on in London for the last 6 years, while consciously discriminating against Licensed Taxi Drivers struggling to earn a living.

TfL have allowed an operation to continue knowing drivers had fake medicals, plus an alarming 13,000 drivers with fake criminal record DBS can Khan make his statement when he knows TfL have allowed this??? held a survey of the public around the world and it was the London Taxi trade voted the best in the world for eight years straight.....not the regulators who would feature somewhere close to the bottom.  

What Khan should have said:
London has the best and most stringently regulated taxi service in the world, but with a virtually unregulated and unsafe private hire trade allowed by TfL who obviously don't care about public safety.

TfL have purposely blurred the lines between Taxis and Private hire to dilute the complaints about rape, serious sexual assault, fraud, hacking and poor standard of driving. 
It is TfLs intention of dragging down the best Taxi service in the world and introduce a one tier system that they can milk the life out of to fill the void in their £1bn budget deficit. 

from Taxi Leaks