14 May 2018

Countdown begins for decision on Bank Junction safety scheme

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A report today reveals that casualties have reduced by 52% at Bank junction in the City of London as a result of an experimental safety scheme implemented last year. Casualties in the area surrounding the junction have also reduced by 33%.On 22 May 2017, the City of London Corporation, governing body of the Square Mile, launched a scheme limiting vehicle access to Bank junction to buses and cyclists only, Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm, for a period of up to 18 months.Figures revealed today show that as well as meeting the safety objectives, bus passenger journey times through Bank have improved by up to five minutes. Monitoring data also showed a reduction in air pollution (NO2) levels at Bank junction and in the surrounding areas.The report notes that after receiving over 4,200 responses to a consultation, three-quarters of survey respondents said they supported the scheme. 45% said they supported the scheme as implemented and a further 29% said they supported scheme in general but would like to see some changes.Starting Monday 21 May, the performance of the experimental scheme, along with consultation outcomes and ongoing monitoring, will be considered across a number of City Corporation committees to decide whether it is to be made permanent:
Chris Hayward, Chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Planning & Transportation Committee, said:“I have always said that our number one priority for the experimental scheme at Bank junction is to improve safety.“That is why I am delighted to see the scheme succeed in reducing collisions and improving air quality. A busy junction used by 18,000 pedestrians every hour at rush hour; it has been a pleasure to see members of the public truly begin to enjoy this iconic area.“Efforts to inform the public of the restrictions have been ongoing and extensive. The number of vehicles travelling through the junction between 7am and 7pm has reduced from 16,000 to just over 500 contravening vehicles a day. This equates to 97% compliance to the scheme.“We have been in listening mode throughout and with a noteworthy number of consultation responses, the wide-ranging needs of local road users and stakeholders will be considered along with the operational needs of the City.”The ‘Bank on Safety’ experimental scheme is part of ‘All Change at Bank’, an improvements programme which describes the City Corporation’s broader aspirations and long-term proposals for Bank junction.
May 14, 2018 at 11:50AM https://ift.tt/2ufVjKI


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