Val Shawcross Asked What Measures Are In Place To Stop Bus Drivers Moonlighting As Ûber Drivers.

We've all seen the Ûber Prius outside bus garages, we've known for years that some bus drivers are moonlighting as Ûber drivers.... This apparently is not allowed!

But what safe gaurds are inplace to protect the public. Surely you'd think TfL would have this covered....

Well think again....

In the same manner that they passed the Buck and put the responsibility for customer complaints to be dealt with by Ûber themselves, TfL say its the bus company's responsibility to check that their drivers are not registered as Taxi or private hire drivers. 

This was the reply which came back from deputy Mayor Shawcross. 

Dear Val Shawcross,

I recently attended a Transport User Group meeting where the question was asked by a local residents association about TfL licensed private hire vehicles parking in residential areas in or near to Fulwell Bus Garages.

Those representing the Bus Operators stated that there was a limit to the number of hours a bus driver could drive on a daily basis (10 hours), which included driving to and from home and the Bus Garage.

What system, if any, is there in place for TfL and the Bus Operators to check if bus drivers are licensed by TfL as private hire drivers and vice-versa regarding driving for more the allowed hours?



Dear Mr Xxxxx,

Thank you for your email received earlier today. I am responding on Val's behalf.

The bus operators, who employ bus drivers, have employment contracts that state drivers must not engage in any other paid or unpaid work without their written consent. No bus company has agreed to a driver working in a second driving job such as for a taxi or private hire firm. When isolated cases of drivers 'moonlighting' have come to a bus operator's attention, action has been taken by the operator. We have also put an additional assurance process in place enabling bus operators to check if their employees are licensed on our taxi and private hire database - and could be holding two jobs.

Thank you again for raising your concerns with us. 

Kind regards

David Vorster
Communications and Engagement 
Taxi & Private Hire | Transport for London | Surface Transport 

Source : LTDF 

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