Uber to appeal Slovakia ban after District Court mistake

via taxi-point https://ift.tt/2EX15kE
Controversial ride-hailing firm Uber has said they will appeal Slovakia's decision to ban all operations. The ban was put against the Silicon Valley giants because it's drivers and vehicles did not meet the requirements set by Slovak legislations, but according to a report in the Slovak Spectator, the Bratislava District Court failed to deliver the decision correctly, leaving an opening for Uber to appeal. Uber's spokesperson for Slovakia, Miroslava Jozova, has said that they will look to appeal as soon as possible as he feels services such as Uber's should be a standard part of the options for mobility in every modern city. Jozova claims that 80 percent of people in Slovakia want the Uber service to remain and intends to do his "utmost" to assure Uber returns to Bratislava as soon as possible. Bratislava taxi drivers have protested on a number of occasions against the ride-hailing app and will no doubt continue their demonstrations if Uber's ban is overturned.
April 18, 2018 at 06:28PM https://ift.tt/2ufVjKI